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For dieters who want to reduce belly fat, the 10 Minute Solution – Blast Off Belly Fat combines five fat burning workouts on one DVD. Each workout is 10 minutes in length and works a different part of the abdominals. The segments included are Flat Belly Fast, Pilates Perfect Abs, Belly Fat Blaster, Ab Ripper and Six Pack Abs. This DVD is not created to boost weight loss and the abdominal muscles are not typically part of an aerobic or cardio workout program. However, 10 Minute Solution may increase abdominal strength and tone when used regularly.

The 10 Minute Solution DVD series is available from Amazon.com. There is an official website for the company, but the website redirects customers to Amazon for purchases. Customers can watch videos explaining each of the DVDs on the official 10 Minute Solution website.

List of Ingredients

Five 10-minute workouts for abs.

Product Features

Weight loss requires a reduced calorie meal plan and dedicated time for exercise. While many dieters have no trouble starting a new diet, they often have trouble fitting in exercise most days of the week. The 10 Minute Solution is an ideal workout series for people who have little time to workout. There are more than 20 titles, one of which is the 10 Minute Solution – Blast Off Belly Fat. This DVD focuses on the abdominals, so it should only be used a couple days a week, as abdominal workouts are not typically fat burning workouts.

The five segments on the DVD aim to work all of the abdominals, including the obliques, lower abs and upper abs. The 10 Minute Solution – Blast Off Belly Fat can be used with other 10 Minute Solution DVDs to create a custom workout. The DVD retails for about $10 plus shipping and handling.

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  • The DVD is broken into 10-minute workouts.
  • Workouts can be combined for a longer workout session.


  • Abdominal workouts are not cardio workouts.
  • Abdominals are a small muscle group and building muscle will not increase metabolism.
  • The workout DVD may be too difficult for some dieters.


Working out is important for weight loss, but the abdominals are not the primary concern. Dieters must lose weight before toning abdominal muscles because abdominal fat can hide muscles from view. The 10 Minute Solution – Blast Off Belly Fat may tone abdominal muscles but the program is not created for weight loss so the dieter will need to combine the DVD with other exercise for optimal effect. There is no mention of a diet being included with the DVD. Some 10 Minute Solutions DVDs come with a diet plan to help the dieter achieve their weight loss goals.

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