10 Minute Solution – Pilates For Beginners Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The 10 Minute Solution is a quick and easy way to get in that crucial exercise for weight loss without spending hours at the gym or doing cardio workouts. Anchor Bay Entertainment offers a long list of 10 Minute Solution workout DVDs, including the 10 Minute Solution – Pilates for Beginners. There are five segments on the Pilates DVD – Core Basics, Lower Body Basics, Upper Body Basics, Total Body Combo and Long & Limber Stretch. While the dieter can choose to complete just one 10-minute workout when they have little time, the DVD is created so the dieter can choose to complete all five segments back-to-back for an optimal workout.

List of Ingredients

Five 10-minute Pilates workouts.

Product Features

Pilates is similar to yoga in that stretching is used to lengthen and firm muscles. Some Pilates movements are difficult so beginners should start with a single 10-minute segment and work on adding more segments over time. The product description claims the user can choose from each of the five workouts to create a custom Pilates exercise plan. Customization is important for dieters with certain problem areas.

Each segment is designed to work as a standalone exercise segment, but 10 minutes is less time than most dieters should workout for optimal weight loss benefits. Ideally, a dieter should complete between 30 and 45 minutes of exercise per day, which could mean performing more than one 10-minute segment per day.

There are experts who support breaking up workouts throughout the day when a solid 30-minute timeframe is not available for fitness. The 10 Minute Solution – Pilates for Beginners ideally fits into this theory.

Dieters with painful joints and physical limitations may wish to consult a physician before attempting many of the moves on the Pilates DVD. Pilates is not a cardiovascular exercise, so cardio workouts should be added throughout the week to compliment the DVD.

The 10 Minute Solution – Pilates for Beginners sells for about $10 from Amazon.com. The official website does not offer direct ordering from the manufacturer, but a link to the product on Amazon.com is provided.

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  • Pilates is an effective workout for beginners.
  • The price is comparable to other workout DVDs.


  • Some Pilates moves may be difficult for beginners.
  • Pilates requires getting down on the floor and back up again.
  • The program will not increase heart rate at the same rate as cardiovascular exercise.
  • More than one segment should be completed for optimal benefits.


The 10 Minute Solution – Pilates for Beginners is perfect for a fast workout. The dieter can choose to complete one or more segments for better physical improvement. There is no mention of a diet program to follow while using the DVD.

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