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100 Days of Weight Loss is a book by Linda Spangle that contains tips that help people make their diet plans work. Diets are things that many people start up but don’t know how to stick with and this book is a motivational and how-to guide. The book covers the psychological effects of food and the triggers cause people to eat way they do such as emotions, stress, etc. 100 Days of Weight Loss talks about how to control food intake and increase it if need be as well as gives advice on volume eating.

Product Features

100 Days of Weight Loss is about 240 pages. Every chapter covers 10 day and ten steps. The first section is devoted to setting yourself up for succeeding at weight loss, with each day devoted to a specific task to help you to be organized and ready to lose weight. 100 Days of Weight Loss is a very well organized approach because of this. Some of the most important things to successful weight loss include getting a notebook, deciding how much weight to lose, determining a plan of action, and getting support from family and friends.

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  • On Amazon, you can likely get this book for around $30, which is a reasonable price considering the information in it.
  • Linda Spangle has a professional background in the dieting/health care sector. This gives her knowledge and experience.
  • The book focuses on psychology which is an important parts of a weight loss plan.


  • Although it’s good that 100 Days of Weight Loss helps the reader to overcome psychological and mental blocks the ideas aren’t anything revolutionary. There are plenty of books that offer the same information.
  • If you follow the instructions of the book, it requires a lot of time and effort, and many people are so busy they don’t have a lot of spare time to do things like keep a notebook and look through it like the book suggests.
  • One of the tips for weight loss is to eat organic food which can be found in health food stores and can be a costly alternative to eating processed foods or eating out.


100 Days to Weight Loss looks like it could potentially be worthwhile if you have the time to read it and follow its advice. However, the information in the book can be found elsewhere. Some on the suggestions made in 100 Days to Weight Loss may be difficult for consumers to follow. When giving weight-loss advice it is important to make sure it can actually be followed.

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