100 Pounds Going Going Gone Review

Editor's Review: 2.8 / 5.0

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100 Pounds Going. Going, Gone! is a book by Robert Marshall. This book details and describes a more personal path toward weight loss and provides inspirational advice. Because of this, it may only serve as motivational tool for some people. According to the book, Marshall decided to lose the weight because he wasn’t able to fit into an outfit and this is a pretty common motivation for people to want to lose weight. The advice in this book is a collection of common-sense ideas like exercise, diet, and properly proportioned meals. This advice is available in many places online and isn’t really information that you can only find in this.

Product Features

There’s an Editorial Review available on Amazon which gives the basic gist of 100 Pounds Going, Going, Gone!. Marshall claims to have not used any sort of aid to lose weight, like diet pills or pre-cooked meals. These aids tend to be expensive so this may be a good option for people who want cheaper and simpler weight loss methods. However, we aren’t sure if Marshall’s methods will work for extreme weight loss cases without reading the book. On Amazon, the book is priced at about $14.95, with gift wrapping available, Amazon’s normal tracking process, and other discounts for bulk orders.

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  • This book could serve as a source of inspiration for people who want to try losing large amounts of weight to achieve health and fitness.
  • 100 Pounds Going, Going, Gone! advices that consumers eat fresh food rather than pre-prepared meals. It’s cheaper this way and you don’t have to worry about packages getting lost in the mail.


  • Amazon has no customer reviews up to read so we can’t say for sure how consumers feel about this book.
  • Although the author did do something admirable by losing 100 pounds, he isn’t an expert in the field and thus can’t give solid advice for other people on how they can do the same thing.
  • The book is for inspiration rather than instruction.


Based on the information available we can’t say how helpful 100 Pounds Going, Going, Gone! will be to people who want to lose weight. We prefer to recommend a book that offers solid how-to advice rather than just inspiration.

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