100% Premium Acai Review

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100% Premium Acai is a Hydroxycut supplement that claims to support metabolic function and reverse the effects of free radicals in the body. Acai is a strong anti-oxidant and there is scientific proof that 100% Premium Acai may help to combat the effects of the environment, in terms of free radical damage, in the body. The metabolic support does not necessarily come from the 100% Premium Acai, but rather other ingredients included in the supplement.

List of Ingredients

Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Brazilian Acai, Glucomannan, Caffeine and Hesperidin.

Product Features

Acai has been on the front page of many weight loss supplement websites ever since it was recognized as a strong anti-oxidant. In support of the natural fruit, the high ORAC levels in acai are ideal for fighting free radicals. Free radicals are cells that take over healthy cells and multiply rapidly. They are often a result of environmental factors like second hand smoke, air pollution and stress. As healthy cells are taken over, the free radicals cause damage to skin, hair and basic body functions. 100% Premium Acai may help to stop free radical spread and heal damaged cells.

In terms of weight loss, we are interested in the metabolic support. 100% Premium Acai by Hydroxycut includes Glucomannan and Caffeine. Glucomannan is a form of fiber that absorbs many times its weight in fluid. The ingredient is often included as a natural appetite suppressant though there are no clinical trials supporting its effects in that regard. With 150 mg of caffeine per four capsules, 100% Premium Acai offers a small but effective punch to the metabolism. 100% Premium Acai by Hydroxycut can be found in several offline vitamin shops for around $24.99 a bottle. One bottle lasts only two weeks so dieters would need to pay around $50.00 per month.

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  • Acai is a strong anti-oxidant.
  • Caffeine can increase metabolism.


  • The price of $50 for a caffeine and acai supplement is a bit high.
  • Glucomannan is not an effective appetite suppressant.
  • Caffeine levels are lower than comparable fat burning supplements.
  • Weight loss testimonials are not provided.
  • Dieters must drink a large amount of water throughout the day.
  • The supplement is taken only once a day in the morning, but hunger often increases at night.


100% Premium Acai is not a bad supplement. Hydroxycut has recently released several new, safe supplements after voluntarily recalling many products. The 100% Premium Acai is a start in the right direction, but when metabolism increases, hunger also increases. Glucomannan may not be the most effective appetite suppressant, which could leave some dieters feeling hungry and thus eating more and not losing the weight they expected. The price of $50 a month is also quite high for a product that offers no clinical data of increased weight loss.

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