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Many people in the United States suffer from being unhealthily overweight and have problems with overall fitness and well-being. Because they want to be healthier and feel better about themselves, they often begin dieting and exercising, with or without knowledge of how to effectively go about it. There are resources to help, though. One of these is a website called 101 Fat Burning Foods. This is a site list’s various kinds of foods and there calorie counts. In order to lose weight one must use more calories than one takes in. Thus, it is necessary to know the calorie counts of the foods you eat in order to effectively lose weight.

Product Features

101 Fat Burning Foods is an information brochure that can be read online to determine the calorie counts of different types of foods. The foods are divided into the different food groups: fruits/vegetables, meats, bread/pasta and dairy and into sub-groups. There isn’t a lot of information given on the food’s nutritional value which is also important. It’s not enough just to try to eat fewer calories than you use you also have to maintain nutrition in order to stay healthy. There are groups of links, but they aren’t very well organized. Other dieting sites have features like a forum or a list of resources – we feel this site could use work in this regard. The membership is free so you may think of it as getting what you pay for.

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  • The website is free so anyone can access the information available without having to pay for it.
  • There are plenty of calorie counts for various foods, which can help people keep track of their calorie intake.
  • The list of foods described is large – if you eat it, odds are it’s listed on the site.


  • The website makes the claim that you can eat as much as you want of certain foods. This isn’t the case as in order to lose weight you have to control your portions.
  • There are few resources available on the site.
  • No use of thermogenics is mentioned.
  • The links that are provided appear jumbled within the text.


101 Fat Burning Foods could be a helpful resource for people who want basic information on calorie values. However, if they want more detailed nutrition information, it might be a good idea to look for other websites and resources. Just knowing how to count calories isn’t enough. Also, we would feel better about 101 Fat Burning Foods if it had verified research and links to other resources.

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