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David Grotto, nutritionist and author of 101 Foods That Can Save Your Life has released another book entitled 101 Optimal Life Foods. In the book he breaks down 30 of the most common ailments we suffer and then describes the foods to eat to combat the issues, and why those foods help to alleviate or cure them. He even provides recipes to help you include these foods in your diet on a regular basis.

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The book is broken down into seven different sections based on part of the body and area of health: your skin, the circulatory system, pain, stress and sexual performance, your digestive system, your skeletal structure, and your eyes. In the section on your skin, you learn how vitamin C, eggs, and other foods can help your skin look clearer, younger, and brighter. In the section on your circulatory system, you learn how green tea can help stop your hands and feet from getting cold. You learn what foods you can use to manage joint, muscle, and other pain. You learn how to use foods to manage your stress and boost your sexual performance. You learn how to improve your digestive health and combat against upset. You learn how you can strengthen your bones and prevent damage as you age. You also learn how to keep your sight and eyes strong and healthy with avocados, kiwis, almonds, and pistachios. Then you are given a section with recipes to help you address all the conditions you see in the book.

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  • This book contains a meal plans and recipes.
  • This book helps you connect how the foods you eat make you feel.
  • Following the advice presented in this book may help you manage a variety of health conditions./li>
  • This book was written by a certified nutritionist.


  • This book does not contain an actual list of all the foods.
  • Though exercise is recommended in the book, there is not a specific exercise plan presented.
  • This book is not targeted specifically toward weight loss.
  • Eating the foods and following the advice presented in the book may not completely heal the condition you are trying to treat.


101 Optimal Life Foods is not a diet for weight loss purposes. Instead, it is a health eating guide to help you learn how you should eat to treat and avoid certain health conditions. Following some of the recommendations in the book may indeed lead to weight loss as a side effect, however, for best results, you should follow a balanced diet, regular exercise routine, and use a proven weight loss supplement.

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