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One of the best ways to keep healthy and have a good weight loss plan is to maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen, but even this sometimes isn’t enough. There are supplements to help though. Multi-vitamins like 12-IN-ONE, for example, offer a method of keeping a steady supply of necessary nutrients into the body, such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and other types of supplements. This is what’s advertised, but it’s unsure whether this particular vitamin will really offer all the different nutrients the body needs when on a diet.

List of Ingredients

We couldn’t find a full ingredients list for this particular product. However, we were able to find a small section on the website that lists a few ingredients and what they do. Apparently, 12-IN-ONE contains a range of different vitamins: A, B complex (1-12), C, D, and E. The benefits and effects of these are well. Also, minerals are said to be very prominent in this supplement – like magnesium and calcium, which are nutrients most people who diet tend to neglect. Another key ingredient we saw were digestive enzymes, which should help to speed up the digestion of food in the stomach and intestines.

Product Features

12-IN-ONE includes Green Tea and Milk Thistle. Green Tea uses its antioxidant properties and caffeine to act as stimulants and increase the metabolism and also acts as a diuretic which helps get rid of water weight. Some other things in this product are fruit and vegetable concentrates, Glucosamine, and Echinacea.

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  • 12-IN-ONE contains some of the basic nutrients that the body needs to be healthy in the absence of a full calorie allotment.
  • It contains amino acids.


  • There is no full ingredient list online.
  • There is not enough information for people to make an informed judgment.
  • There also isn’t a lot of nutritional information about what normal healthy eating habits are.
  • Some people have reported that a free trial request ends up with them being charged in full for the product without their knowledge or consent.


We are hesitant to recommend the use of any diet supplement that doesn’t list its full ingredients. Also, some of the listed effects of the active ingredients will not work long-term, such as caffeine stimulation or diuretics. For real fat burning, we would recommend something that relies on thermogenics, or products that affect the speed at which fat burns.

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