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12 Steps to Raw Food: How to End Your Dependence on Cooked Food is a book to help teach you how to convert your lifestyle from a cooked food to raw food one. Victoria Boutenko wrote the book after she discovered how eating raw was able to help her family dramatically improve their health in just four months.

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When Victoria saw her family suffering from a wide variety of medical conditions including cardiac arrhythmia and asthma, she wanted a natural way to help treat the conditions. When she discovered the raw food lifestyle, she changed the way she and her family ate, pretty much overnight. After four months of following the lifestyle, all her family was able to successfully complete a ten kilometer run. She wrote the book to share her story with others and to help other people make the change from a cooked to a raw food lifestyle. This diet is comprised of some nuts, seeds, and mostly fruits and vegetables that have not been cooked or otherwise processed in any other way. She talks about green smoothies and how these are a great way to get nutrition in. She says everyone should pay attention to cravings for natural foods as everyone requires a different diet. The steps are: recognizing the problem, nourishing the body so you don’t crave “bad” food, getting the skills and equipment you need, understanding you are loved no matter what you eat, avoiding temptations, getting support when you need it, being thankful and forgiving, making your dreams come true, making other healthy habits, getting carlity, finding your spiritual mission and supporting others.

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  • This program encourages the increase of healthy fruits, vegetables, and fats.
  • This program may help you manage a variety of health conditions.
  • There are recipes included to help you make the switch.
  • This program may help you with compulsive eating.


  • This program may be hard for many people to stick to because of the high number of restricted foods.
  • This program is not targeted specifically for weight loss.
  • This program is hard to stick to when dining out or in other social situations with friends and family.
  • You will have to carefully plan your food intake or you will have to take a variety of supplements to ensure you are getting optimal nutrition.
  • You will have to spend more money on fresh produce and other ingredients.
  • You will spend more time on meal planning.


You will likely experience weight loss as a result of switching to a Raw Food Diet, but you may gain it back if you go back to cooked and other processed foods.

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