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The 2 Day Diet Slimming Formula is a formula marketed and created by Lingzhi Japan, a lab based out of Japan. The main things this product claims to be able to do are numerous. It supposedly can burn fat from the body, reduce the amount of toxins in the bloodstream and target specific areas for toning. However, it should be noted that there is a suggested workout along with the supplement. The ingredients, however, are unknown to anyone who doesn’t know a lot about Oriental herbs. That is to say a great deal of people. We prefer a product that has a simple thermogenic formula. We are a little nervous about some of the unknown herbs in the product, but we’ll review it to get a better idea.


Lingzhi, Ebony, Foxnut, Wheat Germ, Nature Substance.

Product Features

Mainly, the 2 Day Diet Slimming Formula contains herbs as ingredients. Lingzhi, Ebony and Foxnut are its acting ingredients. We are unsure what each really does, unfortunately. Lingzhi was once thought to be a part of the elixir of life in Chinese myth, but has not been found to have normal anti-oxidant properties as well as anti-allergenics. As for Ebony, we aren’t sure what it’s supposed to do as far as weight loss goes. Foxnut is one of the herbs that supposedly regulates blood pressure by healing the kidneys. These claims have yet to be proven though. There are two other ingredients: Wheat Germ, which is basically complex carbohydrates and protein for muscle gain and to prevent catabolism in the event of an extreme diet. The other ingredient is simply called Nature Substance, with no other information given.

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  • Some of the herbs might be of use in some manner.
  • The product is made with all-natural ingredients.


  • We honestly can’t say what some of the ingredients are in 2 Day Diet Slimming Formula – there is very little explanation of what they are or what they do in the context of this product.
  • The product makes no mention of why it’s called 2-Day Diet Slimming Formula – no timeframe or frame of action is given whatsoever. The ingredients have some effects, but they seem very disparate in regards to the actual promises of the product.
  • There isn’t anything suggesting that the 2 Day Diet Slimming Formula would be effective over short or long term in the way of testimonials or anything. In fact, the testimonials we found online were negative.


Given the very insubstantial level of information available about this product, we have to say that there are better choices. There are no proven thermogenic ingredients backed by any scientific studies, there are only negative testimonials and generally and only a weak presentation of what the 2 Day Diet Slimming Formula’s actually supposed to do – we prefer products with more information and confidence in their presentation.

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8 User Reviews about 2 Day Diet Slimming Formula

  • 1

    i like to know something about 2 day diet, like if teens take this pills what will happen to them. can they get pregnant if they take the pill.


  • 2
    looney lucy 1

    I like these diet pills,It has worked for me so far,Lost 10 LBS ,for the duration of 2 months. The key is to drink a gallon of water a day…and the longest ive been on a it is 3Wks straight,Ive taken a week or 2 for break and just started taken them again…read the instructions, take 1 pill before breakfast that day for The next 2 or 3 days just to make sure your not allergic to it!!! Very important…once you “feel” comfortable take the 2 before breakfast, Now I take them 6:30AM with 17fl oz of water every hour or whatever and whenever u prefer to drink,as long as you drink a Gallon of water a day..it will take a few days to get use to drinking that much water but it will become routine…I have no side affects from it since Ive started taken them..But my downside is it gives me drymouth or cottonmouth, hence drinking the water every hour…for those people who are not sure about taking any diet supplements , EDUCATE, yourself its the best rule of thumb!!!


  • 3

    We bought 2 day diet from rotaryrock, I have been taking the pills for half months and I lost 5lbs. The seller’s email was rotaryrockunlimited . she is nice, always response my email immediately.


  • 4

    I have read and heard so many good reviews about the 2 day japan diet pill and I decided to purchase a bottle and I have been using it for 2 weeks and I see absolutely no results. I’m always very active walking around and I don’t eat a lot yet I see no lbs melting away like every says they’ve experienced weight loss within the first 2 weeks. Do these really work?



    there are a lot of “fake” pills out there imitating the 2 day diet pills. It all depends on where you get them. I lost over 20lbs but gained it all back when I g ot a batch of bad pills. :( Diet and excercise are really the key.



    How do we identify the fake from the real. The first time I purchased them, they were great then the next no results at all. Probably got a bad batch too.


  • 5
    Chubby Joe no More

    Only one bad thing i can say about this product is that. Your first pill that you take will probably make you have a slight headache on the first day, 1 time only. other than that it works wonders. i have used for about 1yr now was about 236lbs 5’7″ and a heavy smoker. made my smoking fade away slowing(took me about a month to actually stop smoking). been smoke free ever since. now i am about 175lbs. the nice thing is that i don’t have to go on a diet. i eat what ever i want. but it does make you crave less, i think that’s how i quit smoking. And w/out doing anything like exercise, i still loss weight, doing nothing and you still sweat. i can feel it helps you boost up your metabolism also. it does make you feel like you have more energy. as for side effects, other than the first day headache, i don’t seem to have any. there is one thing though i think i have been more horn3y. not sure if because of the weight loss, or my age(26) but it seems like my drive is way up. but when i stop using the pill, my drive just went back to normal. other than that i have no complaints. well it works for me.


  • 6
    Lonnie Snyder

    Is it safe?