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The S.A.N. company is a company that has been producing bodybuilding and weight loss supplements for over a decade. Mainly, their products, including 2 Shredded, are intended to help athletes to gain muscle, lose fat and improve their abilities overall. 2 Shredded does this by supposedly removing excess water in 72 hours, and this is a guarantee. However, we are concerned about the applications of this product for the average consumer – seeing as 2 Shredded is geared toward athletes looking to drop as much weight as possible before competition there’s a possibility that health risks would be present if the person weren’t of a specific body type or body composition.


Some of the ingredients used in this formula are the uva ursi extract, green tea extract, stinging nettle extract and evodiamine. Most of these ingredients in 2 Shredded appear to function mainly as diuretics, to help athletes lose as much water weight as possible before starting a match. It should be noted that this could be potentially dangerous, leading to dehydration and other health problems if unsupervised. Also, losing weight too quickly, no matter what, can potentially lead to problems.

Product Features

This product has on its website official endorsements from famous models and athletes. Although we appreciate this effort, we would prefer endorsements from average people to see how well this product will work for someone who isn’t an athlete looking to lose weight quickly (although to be fair this doesn’t look to be the target market for 2 Shredded.) We looked for a refund policy on the website for Shredded, but could not find one.

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  • One thing 2 Shredded can possibly do is increase a person’s metabolism. This helps food to burn more quickly.
  • The ingredient of Evodiamine could potentially slow the accumulation of fat. We aren’t sure if this is due to any thermogenic properties or not. We feel that genuine weight loss products should have a form of thermogenic ingredients, like Avesil.


  • The main method this product has as weight loss aids are diuretic tendencies. As said, if done excessively this can be dangerous to the user by dehydrating them. It’s better to have a solid diet and exercise plan and not try to lose weight too quickly.
  • There are no user testimonials from people who aren’t athletes who have tried 2 Shredded.
  • We would have liked to see a refund policy as well – just in case this product doesn’t work out it’s best to have a good money-back guarantee.
  • There aren’t any ingredients, apparently, that use any form of thermogenic agents to help speed the burning of fat.
  • 2 Shredded is primarily intended for competitive body builders, not average dieters.


We feel that the diuretic methods employed by 2 Shredded aren’t what the average person is looking for. This method is mainly for quick, short-term weight loss whereas most people want a long term lifestyle change. If this product had a way to do this it would be more appealing to the average customer. Also it’s a good idea for it to have an Thermogenic ingredient to speed the burning of fat, which is most people’s motivation for dieting.

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