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It’s very common in today’s diet and weight loss industry to be offered quick fix diets – diets that are quick to promise instant or immediate results without really moderating the amount of food eaten or what’s eaten, or having any from of an exercise plan attached. There is one diet plan called the Two Week Diet made by Cybergenics that lasts for 14 days. The main components are two diet formulas: AM and PM. We are intrigued by this and wonder whether this product may have the ability to start a person on the path to a healthier lifestyle. It does incorporate an exercise plan, but we want to find out about the formulas’ helpful qualities, and especially if it offers any thermogenic properties.


The AM 2 Week Diet formula, taken in the morning, is meant to work on the daytime metabolism. It does this by giving a boost of energy as well as suppressing appetite. Appetite suppressants are common enough on the diet market; we have to find out what exactly makes the 2 Week Diet special. The PM formula is for sleep metabolism, and includes a diuretic for losing water weight. Also included is an herbal sleep aid. There isn’t any ingredients list viewable online at this time, however. We feel this would be an important addition to the website, although it is stated that thermogenic ingredients are included. This is very reassuring.

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In addition to the two formulas, there is a manual about the proper diet and exercise regimen to follow when using the formula. However, we are curious about the opposite intents of the two formulas, one being an energy booster and the other being a sleeping aid.

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  • 2 Week Diet stressed the importance of proper diet and exercise along with the two day time and nighttime formulas that are issued.
  • Thermogenic ingredients are supposedly included, which makes it easier for the body to more efficiently burn fat.


  • The full ingredients list for 2 Week Diet isn’t available at the time of this review. We feel all weight loss products should include a full ingredients list so people can see what’ s most effective.
  • There are no user testimonials on the website.
  • We feel the AM and PM formulas seem to contradict one another, but are intrigued as to how they are meant to work.
  • The 2 Week Diet seems a little like a classic “crash” diet, and these have been shown to do long-term damage to the metabolism while yielding little long-term weight loss.


Although the 2 Week Diet program may not seem like it’s much of anything special, it must be noted that it does include instructions as to how much and what to eat. This is rare among similar diet products, and could certainly be helpful. However, we believe that a healthy level of weight loss should be encouraged. The use of diuretics as a weight loss tool can potentially be dangerous. We do appreciate the fact that this product claims to have thermogenic ingredients, if indeed it does. We would like to see testimonials about this product’s effectiveness.

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