20 In 10 Days Diet Review

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Like many diets the 20 in 10 Days Diet was created by someone looking to lose weight quickly. It was created by a man named Paul Weeks who intended to pass a fire department physical fitness test. This diet focuses on the use of special food combinations, and that’s all. There isn’t any mention about exercising or calorie restrictions. The program claims that consumers will lose 20 pounds in 10 days regardless. We have our reservations about this particular diet. It eliminates the two basic components of weight loss: using more calories and eating less.

List of Ingredients

Paul Weeks makes no mention of the particular foods that make up the bulk of his diet. He claims that everything can be bought off the supermarket shelf but no sample menus are available.

Product Features

The website has a series of short testimonials and a method of contacting Paul Weeks via email. He also offers a money back guarantee within 10 days. It turns out that the program costs $27 to get the information and can be quickly downloaded. There is a disclaimer that says the program may not work.

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  • The diet plan is safe, from what we can tell and contains no exotic ingredients so there is not danger of side effects.
  • A money back guarantee is offered for the first 10 days.


  • No real innovative weight loss techniques are presented. There really isn’t anything to suggest that this program would work at all because exercise and diet are not mentioned.
  • Losing weight as rapidly as the site claims would be very unhealthy – we cannot recommend sites that make these kinds of claims.
  • The information presented is available for free all over the Internet so paying for it is unnecessary.
  • The website itself seems very unprofessional and too much like a bad sales pitch for our liking.


Because the website fails to mention anything about exercise and cutting back on portions we have to question how exactly weight loss is supposed to occur. Diet and exercise are the only two ways; there is no miracle cure regardless of what any site on the Internet says. Also, we find it hard to believe that anyone could lose 20 pounds in 10 days without suffering ill effects.

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