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Many women and men will try almost anything to get rid of that darn five or ten pounds they have been struggling to lose. With such a strong desire in so many people to lose weight, more and more approaches to fat loss continue to surface as the years pass. Take the 200 Calorie Diet for instance. While this plan may sound absurd to some people, there are individuals who have tried this extremely low-calorie approach.

Consuming the right portion of calories each day can be an important part of losing unwanted weight. However, the number of calories you eat in each meal or in each day should vary depending on your current weight and condition. It is generally regarded by medical professionals that eating too little is unhealthy as well. This is why the 200 Calorie Diet is often reviewed as extreme or a starvation approach. If you were not aware, the average daily calorie intake recommended for most people is 2,000. Workout and nutrition expert, Jillian Michaels, calls the 200 Calorie Diet plain and simple starvation.

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The 200 Calorie Diet basically entails cutting your daily calorie intake to 200. While there is no doubt this would result in weight reduction of some sort, it could also result in a health crisis. After all, the human body does need a certain amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates and calories to survive. As with most low-calorie diets out there, the 200 Calorie Diet encourages the daily consumption of lean, nutrient-rich foods, as opposed to foods that contain a lot of saturated fat, refined sugar and sodium. There does not appear to be any kind of exercise regimen involved with this weight loss plan.

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  • Reducing calorie intake typically does result in weight loss.
  • A variety of foods can be consumed on this diet, as long as they meet the required calorie sum.


  • There are no simple and convenient supplements involved with this diet plan.
  • Restricting your daily calorie intake to 200 is pretty extreme, and can result in health problems or starvation.
  • There is no clinical proof found to support this weight loss approach as being healthy.
  • There are plenty of other diet programs and supplements that allow you to eat more calories each day.


Realistically the 200 Calorie Diet is not very feasible for most men and women. Not only does this weight reduction system cut out the majority of your daily calories, but it also poses certain health risks like starvation. On a separate note, there is no exercise involved with the 200 Calorie Diet, which is likely due to the fact that there would be no extra calories to burn if only 200 were consumed for the entire day. Not to mention, the user would have very little energy at all.

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