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Cathi Graham has written a book called 201 Fat Burning Recipes. According to her own testimony, she lost 186 pounds on the diet. We do like the fact that she mentioned no specific time frame for this loss. Many people who start weight loss plans expect results quickly and get discouraged when it takes time. This is often because few people actually have a good diet plan that they can stick to. 201 Fat Burning Recipes includes 201 recipes of foods from all the food groups, presented in a non-monotonous way, so followers of this diet plan can keep their menus fresh.

Product Features

201 Fat Burning Recipes includes charts for most foods used in the book with calorie and fat counts. This allows people to easily get an idea of what they’re putting into their bodies even as they prepare the food. A constant theme is the encouragement of meals that are low in fat and high in natural fibers. Also, there is a chart for herbs and spices detailing the best types of spices to use for the best flavor possible. Because of this it’s no longer necessary to have bland food when trying to lose weight. The types of recipes offered 201 Fat Burning Recipes are varied and include soups, salads, meat, vegetables, and all other types of food that one would normally eat. The only difference is the lowered fat content in the food.

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  • The book constantly stresses that you need to pay attention to your calorie count and be mindful of what you’re eating. Some people find it too easy to slip back into old habits.
  • The fact that all the recipes are varied and tips are included to spice them up means that it’s unlikely you’d find this plan boring, even after a few years. In fact, Graham herself has used it for 20 years.
  • Cathi Graham speaks from personal experience and offers practical advice – not just foods to eat but how to cook them for the best flavor.


  • The only real flaw we could think of with the description and reviews of this book on Amazon is that there is no exercise regimen included. The diet information is sound and very workable but you need to have an exercise schedule as well.
  • Users might see better results when pairing healthy eating habits with a themogenic diet supplement to maximize workouts and metabolic activity.


We feel that this is one of the better aids to losing weight. Fad diets play no part in this book. The only thing 201 Fat Burning Recipes includes is the simple method of reducing the fat content of foods by using low-fat margarine instead of butter, baking foods instead of frying them, and other tips. This is one book we feel comfortable recommending. Amazon and other online stores should have it in stock for $20 or so. Obviously, the book won’t help you lose weight on its own, but it looks like a solid resource.

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    I start today on freah start diet Im so excited . I haev seen this work with several of my family members and friends. Its a successful diet if you follow it , however I would like to have more ideas for cooking things.. please sure any recipes you may have to keep this interesting and not boring .. thanks sunni