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The 21 Day Diet from Montel Williams was created after the bodybuilder, turned talk show host, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. According to customer reviews, the diet does nothing to promote overall health the way Williams claims it will. Many sections in the book reference specific foods and meals Williams consumes to fight his disease, but these are not revealed in the book. During the 21 Day Diet, dieters are expected to drink smoothies and eliminate processed foods from the diet. These are common suggestions in all-natural diet books. Exercise in the forms of walking and strength training are also addressed in the book.

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Transformation diet by Montel Williams.

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There is nothing in Montel Williams professional or educational history that qualifies him to write a diet or self-help nutrition book. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and went on to change how he ate and moved to help curb the symptoms of the disease. Many of the foods suggested on the 21 Day Diet are organic, increasing the cost of following the eating plan.

A typical menu on the 21 Day Diet includes green juice in the morning, banana smoothie for snack, poached fish for lunch, trail mix for an afternoon snack and steamed rice and chicken for dinner. These foods are all low in calories and high in nutritional value, making them ideal for weight loss, but the focus of the book seems to be more about MS than dieting.

Readers complain on more than one occasion about the blatant reference to MS and lack of support for a healthy diet to curb MS symptoms. Montel Williams uses specific ingredients in smoothies and shakes to stop MS symptoms, but he does not bother to include these recipes in the book. This infuriates readers who place faith in the writer.

The 21 Day Diet book by Montel Williams sells on Amazon.com for less than $15. This book repeats many of the concepts in Williams’s other books.

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  • The book supports healthy eating for natural weight loss.
  • Exercise suggestions do not require fitness equipment, in some cases.
  • The book is priced comparably with other self-help books.
  • Available on Amazon.com.


  • Does not reveal healthy shakes and smoothies for MS patients.
  • Regurgitates commonly known weight loss solutions.
  • Requires organic foods that are expensive.


Weight loss is about eating healthy and moving more. Dieters may find some healthy recipes and weight loss support from Williams, but the 21 Day Diet does not live up to the expectations of many readers. The book retells the same story of weight loss through eating well with low calorie foods.

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