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One of many DVD sets on the market today for weigh loss is the 24-Hour Diet. This program was created by one Professor Brian S. Peskin, who is quoted (on the official website) as the world’s most trusted authority on health and nutrition. The official website for this product goes on to discuss how obesity is a major problem in the world today. However, it then reveals how weight loss has little to do with calorie counting, exercising regularly, and eating healthy. Essentially the 24-Hour Diet system is based on years of scientific research concerning real fat reduction.

With the 24-Hour Diet, users are supposed to be able to maintain their current weight or shed unwanted weight. These DVDs go into detail about misunderstandings concerning weight loss. Some of which are obesity is genetic, exercising more is the answer, and additional fiber promotes weight reduction. That’s right; many of the common diet tricks men and women practice are claimed to be useless in the 24-Hour Diet. Fortunately there are some actual testimonials from dieters posted on the website for review.

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The 24-Hour Diet is pitched as a simple five-step program to weight loss. The goal of these two DVDs is to educate the dieter on what actually causes weight gain, and what practices actually lead to fat reduction. This way the dieter cannot only shed unwanted fat, but additionally keep it off, and stay lean for life. There is no excessive exercise involved with this program, nor is their any calorie counting. Energy levels should go up and cravings should decrease. Peskin, the creator of the 24-Hour Diet, spent years researching this new-age method. Through the official website, this DVD set can be acquired for $29.95 (plus $5.95 for shipping and handling).

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  • There is no starvation involved with the 24-Hour Diet plan.
  • This weight loss program is suitable for both women and men or various ages.
  • The creator of this diet is a well-known professor with expertise in weight loss.


  • Some of the claims made on the official website go against what is commonly known about weight reduction.
  • There does not appear to be any 100 percent money-back guarantee with the 24-Hour Diet.
  • There are no simple fat burning supplements involved with this diet plan.
  • Actual clinical evidence is not provided to support the 24-Hour Diet.


With so many diet programs and capsule formulas out there, pinpointing the right one for you can be challenging. As far as the 24-Hour Diet goes, this does appear to be a unique and interesting approach to weight loss. Then again, it also seems to be hyped a great deal on the official website. A lot depends on whether or not you desire a fat reduction plan that does not involve any supplements.

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    Darlene Pittman

    I have both Brian Peskin books – The Hidden Story of Cancer and The 24-Hour Diet. I’ve strayed from the diet, and I could use some menu suggestions and recipes.