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Finding and choosing the most effective diet or weight loss plan for you may seem a tad difficult when there are so many out there. As you have likely noticed, some of these diets are a tad more extreme than others. One you may not have heard of yet is the 2468 Diet. There was not a lot of buzz about this weight reduction method, but it is out there, and some women and men have tried it. The first thing you should know is that the 2468 Diet does not involve supplement formulas.

There is no official website for the 2468 Diet plan. This is one method of weight loss that is simply found online in forums and on general diet sites. The idea is to reduce or restrict your calorie intake significantly, and then slowly add more calories over a four-day period. It essentially works like a cycle. On the first day, you are only to consume a total of 200 calories. Then on the second, you can have 400 total, then 600 on the third, and finally 800 on the fourth. Once you complete this four-day cycle, it all starts over again. Therefore in theory you will shed unnecessary body fat by restricting the calories your body gets. Fat should naturally be burnt off.

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The 2468 Diet plan is a basic eating regimen that restricts the number of calories the dieter can consume daily. If this weight loss plan is followed correctly, the dieter will only consume a total of 2000 calories in a four-day period. This is the average calorie intake recommended for adults each day. Although there is not much discussion about the kinds of foods that are eaten on the 2468 Diet, it is likely that they are nutritional foods, such as whole grains, lean meats, and fresh produce. There does not appear to be an exercise regimen incorporated into this weight loss method, which is probably for the best considering the minute amount of calories consumed.

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  • Calorie restriction can lead to real weight loss.
  • Anyone can try this weight loss plan, and it does not really cost any money.


  • The idea of eating a total of 2000 calories in four days is pretty extreme, and may be hard on the dieter’s body.
  • There are no simple appetite suppressants involved with the 2468 Diet.
  • Clinical research is not provided to support the effectiveness or safety of this diet plan.
  • Exercise would be difficult with an extreme diet like this, since so few calories are consumed.


The truth is with so many weight loss ideas and products to choose from, the 2468 Diet does not appear to be one of the best choices overall. While many men and women do want to shed unnecessary body fat, no one wants to starve in the process. There are more logical approaches to weight loss than the 2468 Diet, which allow you to eat more calories each day, and not starve.

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