28 Day Body Shapeover Review

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The 28-Day Body Shapeover is a book written by fitness expert Brad Schoenfeld. Not only is he an expert in his field but he has won several awards in bodybuilding. Exercise is one of the two major parts of a weight loss plan and many people may not know to exercise to burn the most fat. The book is intended to help people get their bodies into well-toned shape. Some of the best ways to developed a fully toned body include cardiovascular exercise to burn fat and strength/resistance training to build muscle mass. The book is mainly intended for women wishing to tone up. It’s recommended in The 28-Day Body Shapeover that you either exercise daily or three times a week.

Product Features

This book is 248 pages and covers a program that lasts approximately four weeks. However, it can be extended. Generally, each day will contain 40 minutes of workouts, alternating muscle groups, and exercise types. For people who aren’t able to go to the gym or simply don’t want to leave the comfort of home there are exercises mentioned that allow people to work out without needing to use expensive workout machines.
Right now, you can likely get a good bargain on Amazon. Normally the list price of The 28-Day Body Shapeover is around $17.95.

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  • For the price you pay for the book you get a wealth of information about exercise tips and techniques to get and stay in shape. There are plenty of muscle-strengthening workouts and meal suggestions.
  • The website for this book and the Amazon reviews speak very favorably of its methods.


  • Some of the suggested diets may seem rigid as many of the dinners consist of 12 ounces of vegetables and 6 ounces of meat. Also, it’s likely going to be expensive to get some of the more exotic meats like venison.
  • The entire program requires a large amount of time and which some people might not have.
  • One review stated that the book read like a manual for technology rather than diet and exercise instructions which lead us to believe that it may be hard to read.


This book has some serious potential to be a good aid for losing weight. Throughout the book Shoenfeld advocates for a healthy diet and strict exercise regimen. He has been living this way for years so he speaks from experience on how effective his methods can be. We would also recommend looking for a product that acts as a thermogenic to use in conjunction with diet and exercise. Thermogenics round out the approach to weight loss by increasing the body’s efficiency at burning fat.

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