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3 Day Fit is a product based on the effects of lingzhi, a traditional Chinese herb. There are many weight loss products on the market, all making claims of being able to produce quick results, and many are similar to 3 Day Fit. It claims to be able to help you lose noticeable weight in as little as 3 days, but we are left unsure how it works. When we saw the ingredients lists for 3 Day Fit, we saw mainly diuretics and laxatives, which help in the short term. However, long term weight loss requires a deeper approach than this. We will review this product a bit more closely to se if anything new shows up.


It seems that lingzhi and poria, two traditional Chinese remedies, are included. They have been tested, and show some good signs. However, the testing was rather limited, so we are unable to say for sure how effective they are. Lingzhi has been known to heal everything from inflammations to poor cardiovascular health, so we can see how it may be promising overall, but may not be as beneficial for weight loss. The real ingredient here is poria, but it unfortunately seems to rely mainly on functioning as a diuretic. Water weight and food weight don’t stay off unless the diet is changed accordingly. For real results, it’s best to include a thermogenic to help burn fat.

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Primarily, 3 Day Fit is a diuretic. However, little concrete information is available.

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  • Although not geared for long term weight loss, lingzhi and poria have been shown to have some advantages in health.


  • Diuretics, which is how this product mainly seems to work in weight loss, are not a long term solution, nor are laxatives. All these do is cause you to excrete what you ate a few days ago without putting anything in. Then, when you eat again the weight comes back on.
  • There is no official website or collection of user testimonials, which makes it hard to accept that any of the claims are met. If even one or two people expressed success, it might be believable.
  • There is no refund guarantee for 3 Day Fit, which means you’ll likely have wasted $45 if the product fails to deliver results.
  • The best ingredients to help with long term weight loss are, in addition to a good diet and strict exercise regimen, thermogenic components. These increase the body’s fat burning capabilities and make it more streamlined at using energy.


We feel that the 3 Day Fit product could use a lot of work for it to really be a competitor in the weight loss market. People don’t just want a temporary fix, they want something that will help them lose weight and keep it off. Simply fasting and using diuretics and laxatives won’t suffice, nor is it a very health lifestyle.

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