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What You Should Know

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Before getting involved with any diet plans or purchasing any modern supplement formulas, it is a good idea to better understand what you are getting into. For instance, one formula available without a prescription is 3 Days Fit. Although this product is found on websites like go2slimming.com, it does not appear to be sold there. It is actually a Japanese weight reduction formula, which means it may be more difficult to come by in the United States and other countries.

The purpose of 3 Days Fit is to detoxify the user’s body, improve fat burning (increases the metabolism), and prevent dietary fat from being stored in the body. More specifically, a key ingredient in this supplement inhibits the digestion of fat (up to 60 percent of fat consumed), which makes it difficult for the body to store it. Some of the areas of the body addressed by 3 Days Fit are the belly, buttocks, arms and thighs, which are all prone to weight gain in women. Regular exercise is encouraged while taking 3 Days Fit capsules.

List of Ingredients

Lingzhi, ebony, fox-nut, tuckahoe, seman pruni, dioscoreae, wheat germ, and nature substance.

Product Features

3 Days Fit is a weight loss product that may inhibit fat storage and increase the metabolism. It is free of heavy metals, preservatives, and medicines. Users are directed to take a single capsule each day prior to eating breakfast. This formula should always be taken with sufficient water. There is no price posted for 3 Days Fit, nor are there any reviews from past users. At this time, it appears to be difficult to find this product for sale at all.

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  • 3 Days Fit comes in a convenient capsule form, and only has to be taken once each day.
  • The ingredients for this formula are revealed online.


  • There does not seem to be a website that actually sells 3 Days Fit at this time.
  • There are no positive testimonials to support this diet drug.
  • Some side effects (such as gas and bloating) may occur with the digestive tract since this product blocks fat from being absorbed.
  • No clinical data is presented to support 3 Days Fit.
  • The primary active ingredient is not really addressed at all.


Since 3 Days Fit is a Japanese weight loss supplement, it seems difficult to find a great deal of information on it. Although this product is posted on some websites, it does not appear to actually be for sale. This could mean that 3 Days Fit was discontinued by the manufacturer. Finally, there is very little information provided on this weight loss product, and no clinical research is offered at all. This may make some dieters leery of purchasing it.

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