30-Day Subliminal Weight Loss Program Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The 30-Day Subliminal Weight Loss Program includes a DVD and CD for dieters to use as subliminal programming. The DVD runs about 20 minutes, as does the CD. Dieters are supposed to watch the DVD every day to learn how to stop eating junk food and choose healthier options instead. The product description claims no will power or specific diet changes are needed to lose weight. People who use the program just make better choices thanks to the subliminal message embedded in the DVD and audio CD.

List of Ingredients

Subliminal messages in DVD and CD format.

Product Features

For 21 days, dieters watch the DVD once a day and listen to the relaxing CD at night. Product reviews claim the DVD is easy to listen to even though the messages are far from subliminal. We assume dieters are supposed to allow the CD to run throughout the night, repeating the messages while the dieter sleeps. The DVD is a bit different. A section explains the messages displayed on the DVD. This section is to be watched only once. After the introductory section, the dieter watches the subliminal messaging for 20 minutes every day. The pictures are calming and soothing, but embedded under the main picture are subliminal messages about making the right food choices.

Some dieters are uncomfortable using subliminal messaging to relearn eating habits because they have no idea what messages are included in the DVD. There is also the chance subliminal messaging will not work for every dieter. In order for mental reprogramming to be effective, the dieter must believe in the process. If the dieter has no faith in subliminal learning techniques, this method of dieting is not likely to work.

The total cost of the 30-Day Subliminal Weight Loss Program is about $23. This is far cheaper than other subliminal programs, but with no official website, dieters are not given the chance to return the program if it is not effective.

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  • Could help the dieter eat better without adopting an aggressive weight loss plan.
  • Costs less than other subliminal programs.


  • May not work for every dieter.
  • Does not require the dieter to change eating habits.
  • Does not promote healthy exercise.
  • Any message could be embedded in the DVD.
  • The CD only runs for 20 minutes.


Subliminal messaging is a method of teaching that involves hidden pictures or text-based messages. The person watching the DVD will not physically see the messages, but the brain interprets them and “reads” these hidden themes. There is always the chance that subliminal messaging simply will not work and the fact that no dietary changes are suggested could mean the program will be a waste of money with no end weight loss.

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