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If a supplement could help you lose nearly 50 pounds in just 9 weeks, would you give it a try? The weight loss market is packed with supplements making extraordinary claims. Formula 307 Ultimate Weight Loss is one of those supplements. The website consists of a front page and a question/answer page. There is no dedicated ingredient list or clinical trials proving the ingredients in Formula 307 Ultimate Weight Loss work as claimed. There are no safe supplements that cause a dieter to lose nearly 50 pounds in a little more than two months, so we are certain the claims are either a lie or the ingredient list contains some dangerously high levels of stimulants.

List of Ingredients

Tryptophan, Saffron and Other Ingredients.

Product Features

The only two ingredients referenced in the question/answer portion of the website are tryptophan and saffron. Tryptophan is commonly known as 5-HTP in weight loss supplements and saffron is an expensive food spice.

There is some support for appetite suppressing qualities of 5-HTP. We found references to a 1992 study in which participants taking between 50 and 100 mg of 5-HTP lost more weight than the placebo group. However, the average weight loss for the group was less than 5 pounds over the course of 6 weeks. This is far from then 46 pounds in 9 weeks claimed on the Formula 307 Ultimate Weight Loss website.

Saffron also shows appetite suppressing benefits in clinical trials. In one trial, participants lost 3.6 pounds in 4 weeks taking saffron extract. Again, this number is far from the 46 pounds Formula 307 Ultimate Weight Loss claims to cause.

For the sake of the argument, we added together the proven weight loss results from both studies and spread the results out over 9 weeks. The total potential weight loss for a 9 week period is 15.57 pounds. This assume the dieter will lose the same amount of weight every week, which is highly unlikely because the first few days on a diet water weight boosts weight loss totals.

The final consideration dieters must remember is that fact that tryptophan (5-HTP) and saffron may affect mood. Both ingredients have been clinically tested for effect on depression and other mood disorders, with positive results. Dieters with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, panic and bipolar disorder should not take Formula 307 Ultimate Weight Loss.

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  • Two of the ingredients are listed online.
  • Both ingredients have been clinically tested to increase weight loss.


  • Tryptophan and saffron are mood boosters.
  • Only two ingredients are listed; more are likely in the formula.
  • There is no way a dieter will lose 46 pounds in 9 weeks.
  • Very little information is listed on the official website.


It is likely there are more ingredients in Formula 307 Ultimate Weight Loss than the company reveals on the official website. We are concerned that dieters taking this supplement are doing so without the knowledge they need to make an educated decision.

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    They told me they would honor my refund and now they won’t answer their phone and did not refund me.


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    Does anyone else have problems with contacting formula 307. Bought this and did not like it and returned it for a refund and never got it and can not conect with them. They seem to have gone out of buisness.


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    Does this product contain caffeine?