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Although many people believe caffeine is a weight loss aid because of its stimulant properties several studies shown that caffeine only has temporary weight loss abilities. Unfortunately, the makers of 357 Super Magnum pills feel otherwise. The 357 Super Magnum is a pill that is intended to give the user a small jolt of energy similar drinking coffee. The increased heart rate and other stimulant effects are supposed to increase the body’s calorie consumption. There are only three real ways to lose weight and keep it off; a proper diet, a good exercise regimen, and a supplement that includes thermogenic substances to increase the rate at which fat burns. Looking at the company website, we have to also question the validity of the company and the website overall could use more information on the dangers of overreliance on caffeine.

List of Ingredients

Each pill apparently has 200 milligrams of caffeine.

Product Features

Caffeine is a natural substance and it can be found in many plants worldwide but it can also be created in labs. The reason it tends to act as a temporary weight loss aid is that it’s a diuretic which is a substance that causes the body to expel more water in the form of urine. However, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and insomnia are some of negative side effects of caffeine. In extreme cases people have been known to suffer cardiac arrest because of strain placed on the heart. Good weight loss aids won’t cause this – they will instead work with the body to produce natural conditions for losing weight.

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  • Caffeine acts as a brief energy stimulant. By a stretch of the imagination it could be said that a burst of energy would give people motivation to exercise and thereby lose more weight.


  • Caffeine seems to be very glorified on the company website for 357 Super Magnum.
  • The website excludes information on the possible side effects of stimulants and diuretics.
  • Although it helps with temporary weight loss the weight will come back on after the caffeine wears off due to sugar cravings.


Caffeine as a weight loss toll is ineffective and we would recommend that a good diet and exercise are pursued. There are plenty of supplements on the market that meet these requirements.

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    Michael Porter

    Need the number of DBI distributors that sells caffine tablets.


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    I got a pack and one is crumbs and it got like blue powdery stuff all over. Pills are pink and white?????