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Although a lot of the people who are looking for help with weight loss are adults whose metabolism and body chemistry has already been established they aren’t the only ones with problems. Much of the time the problem starts in childhood which is when bad habits form.. 45 Pounds is a weight loss program intended to help children with weight issues. The most important tools in a healthy weight loss program are diet, exercise, and thermogenic supplements. Diet and exercise can suffice but it’s better to have thermogenics so the body can more efficiently burn fat.

Product Features

45pounds.com has user testimonials from people who’ve tried the program and vouch for its effectiveness. There is plenty of information about how the program works to teach overweight children how to better take care of themselves. Each child is looked at individually which is a good step as every person is different and thus has different needs. After the first assessment, a custom meal plan will be created for the child based on things like what foods are available at school. Other product features are an online bulletin board and exercise workout DVDs/videos. Basic membership lasts for two weeks, at a cost of $59.95. You can apply to have a longer version of the programs which cost $199 and with it you get things like personal advisory sessions.

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  • The 45 Pounds program is rooted in developing healthy diet and exercise habits, which are crucial to any weight loss regimen. This is especially important for children who learn habits during their childhoods that hold in later life.
  • There is plenty of extra support from children who may be having a hard time adjusting to a new diet.
  • Testimonials about the program’s effectiveness are placed on the website and it has been a positive experience for many people.


  • The cost is high, although some people would argue you get what you pay for. There are no refunds, unfortunately and we feel that any weight loss program of this nature should be willing to refund customers’ money if they aren’t satisfied.
  • Adults who want to lose weight cannot use this program because it’s intended for children who are still developing diet habits and learning to exercise.


This is a good program for people who want their children to develop healthy eating habits and learn how to exercise. It’s best to learn about diet and exercise early in life because later in life it is harder for one to change unhealthy habits. We feel that 45 Pounds is on the right track.

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    daud shah

    it,s good program plz guide me


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    Just a note – the mambership lasts for a full year – but your review states the basic plan only lasts two weeks – they get a two week meal plan which can be rotated, but all member benefits last for a full year. Let me know if you have questions, and thank you for your review of 45Pounds.

    Mark Daniel