48 Hour Cyclone Diet Review

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Many diets, seen on television, offer drastic weight loss promises with little regard for safety including the 48 Hour Cyclone diet. This diet claims to enable users to lose 10 pounds in 2 days (48 hours). Not only is this a very dangerous thing to attempt its unlikely healthy circumstances. We feel that the three main things to look for in a weight loss program are diet, exercise, and the possible inclusion of thermogenics to make the body burn fat more efficiently. It doesn’t look like this uses these tools and instead focuses on quick, temporary weight loss. It’s best to have a long term approach.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients listing for 48 Hour Cyclone Diet are vague and ambiguous.

Product Features

Although it claims that there are antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and thermogenic ingredient, we have yet to see how it works. We want a product that includes thermogenics. There is no mention of what the ingredients are that offer these nutrients so when the package arrives in the mail it’s a complete surprise what’s in it. We feel that a company should give its customers a clear idea of what it is they’re selling by listing complete ingredients online and by maintaining an official presence online. The full package contains six packets (21 grams each), a mixer without batteries is included, and the Cyclone Diet Guide.

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  • Its ingredients seem to be diuretics and laxatives


  • There isn’t anything online that tells the consumer what this product includes as weight loss ingredients. The standard lists of herbs used in these types of products are all a form of diuretic or laxative which does not produce lasting weight loss.
  • This product is rather expensive at $15.95, especially, considering its dubious quality.
  • It claims to achieve a weight loss amount that is unhealthy and temporary which isn’t what people are looking for. They want a fully-functioning weight loss program that will help to work with a normal diet and exercise which is the most effective way to keep weight off. Also they want a compound that helps to burn fat. This product claims to have such ingredients but offers no proof.


We see no reason to trust the 48 Hour Cyclone Diet whatsoever. It makes outrageous claims that are difficult to believe or even achieve in any healthy manner. The lack of ingredients lists may make customers wary of trying this product. After all, there could be potential dangerous chemicals that might cause a negative reaction.

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9 User Reviews about 48 Hour Cyclone Diet

  • 1

    This diet is truly dangerous and not effective. They do tell you how much caffeine they actually put in this concoction or other ingredients for that matter. This “diet” sent me to the emergency room as I was dizzy, and seeing double and almost felt as if I were going to faint. It was like being drunk because once I “sobered” up, it was like I had a hang over. So with that being said, this product should be taken off the market. My sister experienced the same thing!!!


  • 2

    I’m nearly 30 years old now, and when I think of all the stupid things I’ve done in my life, this diet system makes the top ten list. The Cyclone Diet sounds like an interesting name, right? Well, once you’ve started this diet, you realize quickly that “The Cyclone Diet” name was more marketable than the “Curtousy Flush Diet,” or the “Crap Yourself Sideways Diet.” The complete and udder vagueness regarding the ingredients in the product mask the fact that it is essentially an elephant laxative! Not only that, but they have the nerve to include a high fiber diet plan they recommend you follow in conjunction with drinking the powder mix; I nearly crapped out my kidneys sans the fiber diet! The instructions also recommend light exercise, so I chose to enjoy a relaxing swim in the reservoir the day I tried this…relaxing? Nope. I was a few doggie paddles away from making the tough choice between polluting the water and ruining my new bathing suit or drowning from cramps when this wonderful diet system initially began to “work.” I would have preferred to flush my $16 down the toilet because that’s where it ended up eventually!


  • 3

    where can 48 hour cyclone diet be bought please i need to buy for my mum


  • 4

    WHERE can I find Cyclone Diet? I used it years back and I lost weight myself. I cannot find it anywhere, nor find any article about what happened or why it is no longer available. I loved it!


  • 5

    i used it once and i was laying in bed for a couple days. it shrank my stomach, i couldnt eat or drink anything because it would come back up.


  • 6

    I myself also tried it back in 2003 & yessss I did loose not 10lbs but 12 lbs. The only problem was I was dehydrated & weak only because I wasn’t drinking a lot of water which you’re suppose to do & my skin looked pale & loose that on the 3rd day I ate lots of fruits & vegetables & drank lots of water & most importantly I had to walk to tone my loose skin. I was satisfied, up to this day, I’m still on my same weight. I plan to use it again.


  • 7

    I tried the cyclone diet a few years back and it worked for me and I even had meals with it. But now I can’t find it in the stores


  • 8

    I used the Cyclone diet one time, and YES I did lose 10 lbs in 2 days, and I am one of those people who cannot lose weight at all! I did it without food, just the drinks 3 times a day, I was SOOO SICk I thought my intestines were going to burst out of my stomach…but I was satisfied w/ the results after I used it and felt better. My mom wouldn’t let me get it again due to how sick it made me. I tried to find it again, but I guess they took it off the market…(I can only imagine why??) lol But yes, It does what is says it’s going to do!



    i tried it few years back, and i lost the 10 pounds in 2 days and i did it without eating just the mix and water for 2 days. i wanted to do it again but could not find it in stores. am sorry for the people who didnt lose or had problems with it, for me it worked great