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4EverFit produces supplements for bodybuilding and weight loss. Supplement listings include ingredients, potential benefits and recommended doses for varying benefits. None of the potential doses are supported with clinical evidence. 4EverFit 5-HTP is a hydroxytryptophan supplement that claims to decrease carb cravings, improve sleep and help balance mood. Hydroxytryptophan is the famous element in turkey that is supposed to make everyone sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. There is no evidence that turkey makes you sleepy nor that tryptophan has such an effect.

List of Ingredients

5-Hydroxytryptophan (Griffonia Seed Extract).

Product Features

According to the product description, 4EverFit 5-HTP can be taken to balance mood, control weight and improve sleep. There are specific doses listed for each. The supplement has 50 mg of 5-hydroxytryptophan per serving. In order to achieve weight management, the dieter would have to take 300 mg per day. That is six capsules of 4EverFit 5-HTP.

Our research revealed that 5-HTP is an amino acid. It is marketed in many countries as an anti-depressant and sleep aid. It may also be suggested as an appetite suppressant. In Europe, 5-HTP is marketed under brand names for the treatment of depression, but no clinical studies support this use.

5-HTP is not found in food sources, but it is used in humans to metabolize tryptophan. Tryptophan is commonly found in potatoes, greens and pumpkin. These foods are not associated with sleepiness like turkey, another good source of tryptophan.

There are risks associated with taking 5-HTP. The most common include damage to heart valves, serotonin syndrome when taken with certain anti-depressants and nausea and vomiting.

4EverFit 5-HTP sells for $13.99.

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  • Ingredients listed on the official website.
  • Product is priced lower than other 5-HTP supplements.
  • Dieters can order from the official website.
  • Paypal payments are accepted.
  • 4EverFit offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 5-HTP will not increase weight loss.
  • No clinical research backing up claims.
  • There are potential side effects when taking 5-HTP.


There are proven, safe ingredients for weight loss and 5-HTP is not one of those. Tryptophan is consumed through food intake and the body produces 5-HTP in response to help metabolize tryptophan, but additional supplementation may not have the effect claimed on the 4EverFit website. We found more potential side effects than potential benefits, which leads us to suggest dieters choose another form of appetite suppression.

Chromium is a proven appetite suppressant. When paired with caffeine and green tea, chromium can help a dieter lose more weight, safely. Dieters should look for three things when choosing a weight loss supplement: testimonials supporting weight loss claims, clinical research supporting weight loss claims and a free trial so the dieter can try out the supplement before spending money on a full supply.

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