4Life Carb BLX Review

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What You Should Know

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4Life Carb BLX claims to stop fat from digesting and storing on the body. We assumed, given the name, that the supplement would block the digestion of carbohydrates, but that is not the case. There is an official website for 4Life Carb BLX. The website lists the product for sale. All ingredients are available on the official website. 4Life sells other weight loss supplements, including RiteStart, ChitoLite and Catalyst Plus.

List of Ingredients

Cassia Nomame Whole Herb Extract, White Bean Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Cacao Almond Seed Blend, Jaborandi Leaf Extract and Arabinose.

Product Features

Cassia Nomame is a fat inhibitor. Fat inhibitors stop fat from digesting and storing, according to ingredient descriptions. We found no clinical links on the official website supporting this fat clocking action. Without clinical evidence, the supplement manufacturer can claim it does anything and the dieter is just supposed to believe the claims.

White Bean Extract is the carb blocking ingredient we expected. White bean extract, also known as white kidney bean extract does not block carbohydrates. It does stop the carbohydrates from breaking into smaller pieces during digestion. This allows the body to digest carbohydrates faster and thus they have less impact on the body.

Green tea leaf extract is a source of caffeine and EGCG. Both are clinical proven to have positive effects on weight loss. Green tea has a long list of health benefits. There are decaffeinated varieties with EGCG. These can increase metabolism, but they will not have a stimulant effect.

Cacao Almond Seed Blend contains Theobroma. Theobroma is a caffeine-like ingredient. The dieter will feel the stimulating effects of cacao seed. If the dieter is sensitive to caffeine, they will likely be sensitive to this ingredient. Side effects may include jitters, shakes and nausea. It is best for dieters sensitive to caffeine or caffeine-like ingredients to start with a reduced dose and increase the dose as they get used to increased caffeine levels.

4Life Carb BLX sells for \$27.95 per bottle. The supplement is available for a bulk price if the dieter orders 11 bottles or more.

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  • Contains EGCG and caffeine via green tea.
  • White bean extract is proven to prevent the breakdown of carbohydrates.
  • Cheaper than other weight loss supplements.


  • No clinical studies listed on the official website.
  • Could cause overstimulation for dieters sensitive to caffeine.


4Life Carb BLX will not block carbs and fat from digesting and absorbing. It may reduce the impact of carbohydrates and fat on the body, but that is where the support stops. There are no clinical studies listed on the official website, but the dieter can find supportive research on some ingredients.

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