5 Day Miracle Diet Review

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Many diets advertised online tend to make promises of quick results with little effort, often in the form of a certain amount of weight loss over a period of a week, two weeks, or even a few days. These types of diets are dangerous as they make the body lose weight more rapidly than it was meant to. We feel that the best types of diet plans are long-term ones that require a commitment. Adele Puhn, creator of the 5 Day Miracle Diet and author of the similar book apparently agrees. She says that the majority of weight loss has to do with the body’s physiological makeup and how it burns fat. This can be boosted with the aid of thermogenic compounds.

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The plan offers advice as to what types of foods to eat at each meal to maximize ones metabolism. Breakfast should consist of foods high in protein and starches – starch will break down quickly and give the body a quick boost of energy to get it ready for the day. Lunch and dinner should be vegetables and protein, with fruits and vegetables as snacks. Puhn is a nutritional specialist and is fully certified.

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  • The author clearly knows what she’s talking about. We would expect this of someone who is a certified nutritionist. The promises made in the book are realistic and fit our expectations.
  • It’s recommended that you regulate blood sugar when on this diet and the promise isn’t that 5 days will ensure weight loss but is that after 5 days the body’s physiology will adjust to make it easier to do so. Also, the protein and starches eaten at breakfast under the guidance of this diet work to get the body in an energetic state.
  • The book has been seen on Amazon for low prices and is sometimes sold for less than $10.


  • Getting the full use of the 5 Day Miracle Diet requires that you have knowledge of the Glycemic Index which is an index of the various amounts of sugars in foods that break down into starch.
  • Sometimes the book can become loaded with technical language which can make it difficult to read and understand. It’s best to try to keep the language as simple as possible.


5 Day Miracle Diet has the potential to be a good aid in permanent weight loss. It instructs people about the Glycemic Index and teaches them how the body actually works to burn fat. With this, a healthy diet, a god exercise regiment, and possibly thermogenic supplements, you could be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

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3 User Reviews about 5 Day Miracle Diet

  • 1

    I thought this thing sucked I lost only 8 pounds in 6 months it’s a rip off do not get awful horrible and makes u have bad diarrhea eww


  • 2

    This makes most sense to me and it’s healthy and safe!


  • 3

    After reading the book I followed the advice and lost 30 lbs. in 6 months. Ever since 2007 I have kept the weight off.