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You may have browsed through the local bookstore for a diet and weight loss book. There is actually an entire section for this category these days. As you may have noticed, many of these dieting books are similar. When it comes down to it, each of them attempts to assist you with weight loss and weight management. The question is, which text is right for you, if any? We are going to go over the details regarding The 5 Factor Diet, which is one weight loss book you will find online and in some stores. It was written by Harley Pasternak M.Sc. and Myatt Murphy.


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Product Features

The 5 Factor Diet can be acquired for $10 to $15 through distributors like Amazon. This text is 256 pages in length, and is suitable for male and female dieters alike. It was first published in march of 2009. According to Harley Pasternak, he is one of the most sought after fitness and diet experts. In this book, he proposes a five-week program for weight loss and getting fit. However, unlike some diet plans, you are not supposed to get hungry when using this program. The 5 Factor Diet is touted as easy to follow, and suitable for anyone.

You basically eat five meals each day on the 5 Factor Diet plan. Each meal contains five “core ingredients.” It only takes five minutes to prep these meals, and the text offers over 100 different recipes. You are also expected to complete five short workouts each week. A shopping list is provided in this weight loss book, and workout photos/instructions are also offered in the book. There are a lot of customer reviews for this diet text, many of which are found on Amazon.

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  • Healthy eating tips are provided in the book.
  • Regular exercise is encouraged with The 5 Factor Diet plan.


  • There are a lot of other comparable diet books available.
  • No convenient weight loss supplements are used with this diet.
  • Some of the customer reviews for The 5 Factor Diet are negative.
  • This type of weight loss method requires a lifestyle change that some dieters will not like.


Firstly, it is nice to see that healthy eating and regular exercise are part of The 5 Factor Diet program. These two factors are important for long-term weight management. Then again, there are so many diet books available these days, it is difficult to determine which one is actually the most effective. One thing is for certain; if you are not interested in changing your lifestyle, then the 5 Factor Diet will unlikely be effective for you. Some people might prefer a more convenient supplement for weight loss.

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