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The 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars is a weight loss program that was founded by Harley Pasternack. If you were to research this diet system online, you would almost immediately see why it received the title it did. It is claimed that some celebrities are taking advantage of this fat reduction program. The 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars is claimed to not be a starvation diet, nor does the user have to consume fewer meals each day. There are apparently “cheat meals” incorporated into this plan, and smaller, healthier meals are encouraged to be eaten more frequently.

As always, the cost is commonly important to dieters. In regards to the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars plan, it costs $6 per week. As with some other weight loss systems, workout regimens are incorporated (25-minute workout sessions five times each week). Men and women that use this diet plan are instructed to consume five meals each day, five days a week, but these meals should contain five key ingredients. These are protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, and water (other low-calorie beverages can be consumed as well). The goal of the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars is to aid users in the weight loss process so that they see significant results in five weeks time. Other intended benefits of this program are curbed hunger cravings and boosted energy levels.

Product Features

The 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars is a weight loss plan that offers a list of “healthy recipes,” and fitness routines that endeavor to assist men and women with fat reduction. There are no supplements taken with this program. Unlike some other diet plans, the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars encourages cheat days, which can be used during the five-week course of the diet. Overall this weight loss plan will cost the user $30 every five weeks. If the ideal amount of weight is lost, then the user will not have to pay any further. There are a number of customer testimonials posted on the official website by celebrities.

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  • There are no prescription pills involved with the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars.
  • Regular exercise is encouraged with this weight reduction program.
  • There are a number of celebrity testimonials presented to support the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars.


  • Unfortunately, there are no proven appetite suppressants involved with this weight loss system.
  • Some dieters may prefer a simpler way to tackle weight loss, such as a fat burning supplement, which this diet plan does not include.
  • There is a change in diet involved with the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars, which may not be preferable for some dieters.
  • This weight reduction program does not appear to assist with thermogenesis.


In the end, the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars is pitched in an interesting fashion. It’s always nice to see a weight loss plan that encourages exercise. Then again, some dieters may not be looking for such a lifestyle change. Although the 5 Factor – Diet to the Stars program encourages regular eating habits, there are restrictions involved with this system. If you’re after a more simple and convenient supplement, then this diet plan may not be right for you.

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