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The 5-Factor Fitness plan is based on a book written by Harley Pasternak and Ethan Boldt. The book breaks down a diet and exercise program that encourages eating more and working out less. According to the book description, readers eat five meals a day consisting of five ingredients prepared in five minutes. Workouts include five sets of five-minute exercises completed five days a week. The reader’s fitness level will mold the exercises used in weekly workouts. Changes are promised in just five weeks. None of the recipes on the 5-Factor Diet requires specialty or high-priced ingredients.

The official website for the 5-Factor Diet includes a lengthy description, information on the book author and meal delivery system dieters can use to order premade meals that comply with the 5-Factor Diet.

List of Ingredients

Diet and exercise plan based on the number 5.

Product Features

The 5-Factor Fitness Plan involves five sets of exercises each lasting five minutes. Five days a week, the dieter works out for a total of 25 minutes. The first and last five minutes of the program are dedicated to cardio. The remaining 15 minutes includes weight training and core training exercises. The 5-Factor Diet book includes detailed instructions with pictures for the 5-Factor Fitness plan. Some exercises involve using dumbbells and other lightweights.

The 5-Factor Fitness plan is customizable. If the reader has a firm fitness base, they can choose to use heavier weights for the weight-training phase. Beginners choose lighter weights and work up to heavier weights as the five weeks progress.

The program can be followed for more than five weeks. According to Pasternak, many personal clients choose to follow the 5-Factor Diet and 5-Factor Fitness plan as a lifestyle rather than a five-week weight loss solution.

The 5-Factor Fitness portion of the 5-Factor Diet is affordable as no special equipment or gym memberships are required. The only cost is for the book, which retails for as little as $4 online. There are several versions of the 5-Factor Fitness series.

In order to achieve the best results with the 5-Factor Fitness plan, the reader must follow the 5-Factor Diet plan. Many readers complain that ingredients used in recipes are expensive at first, but the on-going cost is minimal. The menu promotes high fiber, lean protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Artificial sweeteners are shunned, but Splenda is allowed.

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  • Simple fitness and eating plan customizable to the reader.
  • Requires only 25 minutes of exercise per day.
  • Many positive reviews.
  • No special equipment.


  • The meal plan may be too expensive for some readers.
  • Dieters are expected to eat five times per day.


The 5-Factor Fitness plan suggests working out less and eating more to lose weight and firm the body. Aside from the cost of food, the plan may help a dieter achieve weight loss goals with less time and money.

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