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Harley Pasternak, a personal trainer and nutritionist in Hollywood with clients such as: Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, and Halle Berry, created the 5 Factor World Diet. He has also written two books, 5 Factor Diet and 5 Factor Fitness. These books focus on five small meals every day, five workouts, and a day to cheat. The 5 Factor World Diet bases itself on the same principles, but also adds in the habits and nutrition of the ten healthiest countries in the world. We will take a closer look at this diet to see if the science behind it will help you lose weight.

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The 5 Factor World Diet focuses on eating five meals a day, with five main ingredients, and a five minute preparation time. International foods are included in this version of the diet. It also follows eating patterns of the healthiest people in the country, and provides one cheat day every week, to allow you to eat whatever you want.

Harley Pasternak says the weight gain in America can be attributed to out-of-control portion sizes, eating while on-the-go, eating in front of the television, and taking in too many animal fats. He says that we can change the course by eating smaller meals more frequently, putting more emphasis on the portion size of what we eat. It makes weight easier to manage, and puts us in better control of our health.

If you choose to follow this program, you will eat a combination of fiber, healthy sources of fat, lean proteins, and low glycemic carbohydrates with all your meals. The book also helps you learn how to order food when you choose to eat out, and gives you more than 100 recipes to try on your own at home. Recommended foods for this diet include: nuts, eggs, lean means such as turkey, chicken, and fish, olive oil, produce, and low fat dairy.

Exercise is done five days a week, for 25 minutes, with 5, 5 minute exercises.

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  • Worry less about feelings of hunger with smaller more frequent meals.
  • Eat from all food groups.
  • Cheat day every week makes it easier to stick to the diet overall.


  • Eating five times a day can seem like a chore for some people.
  • This diet does not address the physical causes of weight gain.
  • Just because a celebrity endorsed it, does not mean it will work.


Overall, this is a good approach to take to weight loss. Though proper diet and exercise are addressed, the use of supplements is not. Using a fat burner or appetite suppressant can help you lose more weight safer and faster than diet and exercise alone. Look for one with proven ingredients to use alongside this program.

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