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The 5 Minute Office Workout was created as a collaboration between Bob Harper, the personal trainer on the Biggest Loser television show, and MSN. The series was available on the Internet for a short time, but no longer appears to be supported by either the trainer or MSN. According to the description, Bob Harper showed people working in the office ideal workouts they could do at work. Office jobs typically require sitting for long periods thus little activity is achieved during the day.

There is mention of the Lunch Box, which we assume was an eating plan that accompanied the 5 Minute Office Workout. We could find no detailed information on the Lunch Box other than the lack of portion size or brand suggestions for foods to include for the planned meal.

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Web-based workouts for officer personnel.

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Bob Harper is a trusted personal trainer known for his work on the Biggest Loser. His infectious personality is often mistaken as niceness, but anyone who has watched the show understands that workouts are business and Bob Harper is all about business.

In the office, the typical worker will sit for extended periods with little or no physical activity. After a long day, working out may be the last thing on the office workers mind. MSN decided to collaborate with Bob Harper to create the 5 Minute Office Workout series on the Internet. The series explained how office workers could get in that dreaded workout with just 5 minutes in the office every day.

The 5 Minute Office Workout promotes physical activity for weight loss and improved health, but chances are the workout would be left behind on days of stress in the office or tight deadlines. The office worker would have to be extremely dedicated to set aside 5 minutes every day to complete the movements and exercises described.

There is also the chance the office worker will break into a sweat during the 5 Minute Office Workout. This could result in an unprofessional appearance, which may cause trouble with the office manager or other supervisor.

The series included 22 different workouts. While completing one of the exercises per day is good, Bob Harper suggests completing more than one each day.

There is no pricing information available for the 5 Minute Office Workout.

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  • Anyone can complete a workout in just a few minutes.
  • Bob Harper is a personal trainer.
  • The program could have been free.


  • It seems the program is no longer available.


The 5 Minute Office Workout is a quick and easy way to get the heart moving during an otherwise slow-moving day. While the program may no longer be available, office workers can get up, move for a few minutes a few times a day, and achieve the same results.

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