50 Of The Best Quick Weight Loss Diets Review

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Many weight loss diets online are of the type that deliver promises of quick weight loss through supplements and dubious substances; they use diuretics and laxatives to get weight off but it fails to stay off without proper diet, exercise, and fat-burning substances (thermogenics). This is where an e-book called 50 of the Best Weight Loss Diets comes in; there are 50 different diets, grouped into categories to suit different needs. We like that this ebook stresses the fact that no single diet will work for everyone. This means that they aren’t offering false promises or anything like losing X amount of pounds in X amount of day. The sample meal plan for one day seems reasonable. We feel more diet advice should be like this.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients suggested for each diet to vary by meal.

Product Features

There are fifty different diets which are grouped into several categories. This makes up the main part of the 6 chapter e-book. The start of the book is dedicated to general knowledge including how much you should weigh and different dieting tips. There are several charts which contain a personal weight loss record and a daily count of calories. The main categories of diets are the Calorie Controlled Diets, the Weekend Diets, the Jump Start Diets for people who want to get off to a good start, the Favorite food diets, the Specialty Diets for people with specific needs like athletes, the Weight Loss Diets geared for trimming fat from the body and a section for exercise. This is a detailed workout plan that can be customized as needed.

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  • There are many diets to choose from and one of them is sure to meet your needs and there are sections in the ebook about how to create your own diet.
  • There is an exercise section included.
  • 50 of the Best Quick Weight Loss Diets sets a realistic standard for weight loss.


  • The first look at the website may lead people to believe this to be an unprofessional and poorly constructed ebook because there are several spelling errors in the advertisements.
  • We don’t know what the qualifications of the authors are so cannot decide whether to trust their advice.


We feel this ebook would be more well-received if the website had a section that listed the authors’ qualifications in the dieting industry. At the time of this review the ebook costs $9.95. We also aren’t sure exactly how long it is and we are unsure as to the existence of a refund policy.

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