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You can pick and choose from various approaches to shedding excess body weight. If one thing is for certain, it is that countless programs, systems, diets, supplements, and prescription pills are at your disposal for weight loss. However, it can take a little searching and sorting to find the right one for you. One approach that you may have heard of or seen online is 50millionpounds.

The 50 Million Pounds Challenge is essentially a weight loss program or method that functions through an official website. Dieters can sign up for an account, join a team, and get started losing weight. Since there are no pills or supplements involved with this program, a lot is based on your personal diet and fitness regimen. With 50millionpounds, you can get assistance and support through an online community. There is a helpful FAQ section presented on the main website to assist newcomers.

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50millionpounds is a weight loss plan devised by one Dr. Ian Smith, who is a well-known diet expert on the VH1 show “Celebrity Fit Club.” He created the 50 Million Pound Challenge in order to assist both women and men with healthy weight loss. This program involves a personal journal, activity tracker, weight tracker, and 30-day meal plan. Furthermore, the dieter is placed on a team. Unfortunately much of the information pertaining to this method is restricted, unless you have a password (you must be a member to have full access). However, put simply, the 50millionpounds challenge is about creating a culture that involves healthier lifestyles. Not only can dieters shed unwanted body fat, but they can potentially prevent disease, and live longer lives as well. It is free to enroll with this program, and there are helpful links provided on the main website that offer facts about high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

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  • The 50millionpounds method encourages healthier eating habits.
  • This weight loss program helps educate dieters in regards to overall healthy living.


  • There are no convenient supplement formulas included with the 50millionpounds approach.
  • Some of the information for this plan is restricted if you are not a member.
  • Many dieters may not like using the website so much for weight loss.
  • This program involves a major change in lifestyle, which some people may not appreciate.


The 50millionpounds Challenge is similar to many other online or web-based weight loss methods these days. It requires that you get an online account, meet other people, and start keeping track of all of your results. While it is nice to see that the 50millionpounds approach is free of charge, many dieters may appreciate a supplement formula that requires less of a lifestyle change.

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