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51 Fifty is a fitness club designed to improve overall health and wellbeing. The fitness club offers personal training and group fitness classes. There is only one trainer, so the message of fitness will not be watered down from one person to another person. The cost of training is a bit expensive. We will look at 51 Fifty to see if the benefit is worth the price of membership.

List of Ingredients


  • Fitness facility incorporating functional training.

Product Features

51 Fifty is a fitness club similar to CrossFit gyms. The fitness club features daily workouts, group classes as well as one0on0one training classes. You can sign up for individuals classes or purchase a membership to a set number. Individual classes cost $30; where as 15 classes cost $225. Personal training costs $600 for 10 classes and the bootcamp classes cost $250. Attending classes at 51 Fifty is rather expensive. Although you have the opportunity to train with like-minded individuals, the cost could easily deter the average dieter looking for a way to improve fitness.

At times, fitness clubs employee trainers with little to no experience. The owner of 51 Fifty has more than 20 years of experience as well as variety of personal training certificates. Chris Frye also incorporates functional training in all of the fitness routines. Functional training incorporates moving in all directions in order to work all muscle groups instead of just the major muscle groups.

The main concern relating to 51 Fifty centers on the ability of all individuals to perform the exercises. As we reviewed the daily training plans, we noticed the exercises are extreme and require a base level of strength to perform without fear of injury. This could potentially exclude a large number of individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing.

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  • The exercises work the entire body.
  • There is mention of nutrition associated with 51 Fifty membership.
  • The classes incorporate functional training.
  • The owner of 51 Fifty is a certified expert in functional training.


  • The fitness routines are not ideal for all fitness types.
  • Membership is expensive.


Fitness clubs such as 51 Fifty serve a particular purpose. In the event individuals need motivation in a group setting, 51 Fifty is the perfect solution. The fitness club is unlike traditional health clubs. There are no strength training machines, no cardiovascular machines, only free weights and apparatus’. 51 Fifty resembles a CrossFit gym. OU have one trainer and they lead the exercise for the day. As you complete one exercise, you move onto the next. There are also group classes and one-on-one training available. The main concern with this type of fitness is not the effectiveness, but the level of fitness needed to complete the exercises. Throughout the website, the trainer states 51 Fifty is designed for all fitness types. This is unreasonable, considering several of the exercises require heavy lifting and jumping; something not all individuals have the ability to do on a constant basis.

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