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What You Should Know

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The ingredient listed for 6-Bromo is one of the longest we have ever seen. Don’t let the length of the ingredient name scare you off. We looked through some bodybuilding forums and chemical websites and we found nothing for this specific ingredient. We found reference to 6-bromo-testosterone, but if this was that it would be listed as a testosterone. According to the product description, the ingredient inhibits estrogen, which is basically the description in the bodybuilding forums for the various other types of 6-bromo sold by supplement companies. We are unsure if this is a hormone-controlling ingredient linked to a prohormone or steroid – so the legality of this product is up in the air.

Dieters should look for a supplement company selling current and clinically proven supplements with reviewed ingredients. There are quite a few ingredients and supplements that fit into this category, including green tea, caffeine and chromium. It is best to be safe when taking a supplement for weight loss not sorry you chose something that was dangerous or unknown.

List of Ingredients


  • 6-bromo-3-(ethoxycarbonyl)-2-methylbenzo[b]furan-5-yl morpholine-4-carboxylate

Product Features

Fighting estrogen rise is very important to athletes and bodybuilders. Too much free estrogen can inhibit testosterone function, but increasing testosterone comes with some possible side effects, including breast tissue growth, masculine features in women and feminine features in women. But, if you can inhibit estrogen the body is able to access more free testosterone and that testosterone is not converted to estrogen so muscles grow faster, strength increases and libido goes through the roof.

We are not sure about the ingredient in 6-Bromo so we suggest dieters and bodybuilders choose a different supplement. Not because we think this one will not work but because we could not find detailed information on the specific chemical listed on the ingredient list.

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  • We were able to find the supplement for sale online.
  • There is only one ingredient that may inhibit estrogen.


  • Inhibiting estrogen is not a part of weight loss.
  • 6-Bromo may cause negative side effects for women.
  • Should not be taken unless the formula can be explained and verified by the manufacturer.


6-Bromo is likely an estrogen inhibitor. This product is the topic of several threads of conversation on bodybuilding forums. Some bodybuilders claim clinical studies rats are quite supportive and other bodybuilders think the supplement is nothing more than a fancy name to pull money out of the bodybuilder’s pocket.

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