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Many people decide to start a workout program so that their abdominal muscles will become stronger, larger, and more defined. Because of this, there are many products and workouts that claim to be able to give you well-defined abs in a very short time, with only a minimal workout per day. 6 Second Abs that promises that with only a few seconds on a machine designed to work your abs you can start looking slimmer and more fit within days, if not sooner. We find it hard to believe that such a claim is possible but we’ll review this product anyway to see if it’s legitimate.

Product Features

The 6 Second Abs machine costs $42.95 from the website. Included in the package are the machine, an instruction manual, and a video. The device is placed in the lap with the other end held at chest level while the user does a crunch or situp. The point of it is supposedly to add resistance to crunches. This really isn’t effective in getting the muscle to be more defined but it will make it larger and stronger. To make the abs visible you have to do cardio and burn the fat away. There are plenty of ways to do this including using thermogenic fat-burning supplements and a good diet.

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  • This product could be useful if used properly to work abs in conjunction with other methods of losing weight and gaining muscle.


  • The website is very poorly designed. We feel like there should be information about diets and fat burning supplements.
  • The product is very expensive.
  • The website offers unrealistic expectations.


We feel that it’s necessary to use a good diet to remove fat in conjunction with exercising the muscles. This is the only way to build noticeable abs. There is no magic solution aside from simple hard work and time. Normal situps and crunches work just as well as crunches aided by resistance.

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