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6-OXO is an ErgoPharm supplement that claims to decrease estrogen levels in the body by working as an Aromatase inhibitor. We could not find any official website for the ErgoPharm family of products. The company was started in 1999 with an extensive prohormone line-up. In 2005, many pro-hormones were listed as banned by the United States government so that could have been the end of the ErgoPharm company. Several online supplement retailers sell ErgoPharm products including 6-OXO, but this could just be old stock they are trying to get rid of.

Due to the lack of an official website, we found two possible ingredients that could have been used in the 6-OXO supplement.

List of Ingredients

3, 6, 17-androstenetrione or 4-Androstene-3, 6, 17-trione.

Product Features

The 3, 6, 17-androstenetrione is commonly used in testosterone builders and estrogen blockers. Typically marketed to the bodybuilding community, this ingredient has no weight loss or fat burning effects. In addition to the sheer lack of benefit for dieters trying to lose weight, none of the claims are proven though clinical studies are cited as being available.

The other possible ingredient in 6-OXO is 4-Androstene-3, 6, 17-trione. This ingredient is a little more interesting than 3, 6, 17-androstenetrione. 4-Androstene-3, 6, 17-trione is a permanent estrogen blocker that can be measured during urine testing. The ingredient itself is commonly referred to as 6-OXO so no specific brand is sold. When estrogen is blocked, luteinizing hormone is released and testosterone production begins. This ingredient DOES increase testosterone in the body but it is considered illegal for use in amateur and professional sports.

Bodybuilding.com, a major retailer for vitamins and supplements, released a list of supplements in 2009 that they were voluntarily recalling in cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration. ErgoPharm 6-OXO and ErgoPharm 6-OXO Extreme is included on the list. The list of supplements was believed to include products with steroids as ingredients.

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  • 6-OXO does block estrogen production.
  • 6-OXO does increase testosterone.


  • ErgoPharm 6-OXO is no longer for sale.
  • Bodybuilding.com worked with the FDA in 2009 to recall the ErgoPharm product.
  • 6-OXO leads to permanent estrogen blockage which could lead to permanent side effects.
  • Blood clotting and seizures have been reported with 6-OXO use.
  • There is a change 6-OXO is no longer legal.
  • It is detectable in urine tests.


6-OXO is one of the few supplement ingredients that actually worked as claimed. Men using the supplement would likely see an increase in testosterone, but eventually some of the same side effects associated with steroids would occur like acne and aggression. Women who took 6-OXO could be rendered infertile or in an early state of menopause due to the blocked estrogen. This is NOT a safe product to use for weight loss.

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