6 Pack Meal Management System Review

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The 6 Pack Meal Management System is designed to help dieters and bodybuilders achieve healthy living with ease. There are two systems sold by the 6 Pack Fitness company – the 13-inch bag and 9-inch bag. The system is set up to hold water bottles, reusable food containers, fruit and supplements. The idea is to pack for an entire day of eating at one time so you’ll never have to worry about eating on the run.

The 6 Pack Meal Management System sells online from 6 Pack Fitness. The 13-inch bag sells for $99.99 and the 9-inch bag sells for $69.99. Everything is included in the bag aside from food and cutlery.

List of Ingredients

Meal on the go bag.

Product Features

The 13-inch 6 Pack Meal Management System is set up to hold five meal containers, fruit, water bottle, supplements and ice packs. The 9-inch model holds three meal containers. Both systems come with two dry ice packs that can be reused. Meal containers are included with purchase. There is no advice on how to eat or what foods are best for weight loss or bodybuilding offered on the official website. The official blog for 6 Pack Fitness does, however, mention the Paleo Diet and a 6 Pack Me Challenge. The Paleo Diet is a lean protein diet based on the diet cave men would have eaten before processed foods.

While the 6 Pack Meal Management System will not cause direct weight loss, it could help the dieter stay on track and prevent overeating at the office or on the go. Food is packaged in small containers, perfect for controlling calories. The larger back includes enough space for five meal containers, which the dieter could pack with three meals and two snacks. Dieters still have to control the ingredients used in recipes, as this is just a tool to make healthy eating more convenient.

Despite the popularity of the 6 Pack Meal Management System, it is nothing more than an overpriced lunch box. Dieters can choose a large, canvas lunch box, ice packs and reusable plastic containers from a local store for far less than $100.

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  • Convenient compartments for sorting foods, supplements and drinks.
  • Reusable containers.
  • Comes with reusable ice packs.


  • Not much information on healthy eating.
  • The 6 Pack Meal Management System sells out quickly.
  • The ice pack compartment is not waterproof.


Losing weight requires healthy eating and portion control. The small containers included with the 6 Pack Meal Management System make it easy for a dieter to choose healthy portions, but the system is overpriced. For about $25, a dieter can purchase all the items included in the system and create their very own 6 Pack Meal Management System.

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