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The 6 Weeks to Hollywood Body program is based on a book written by Steve Zim. According to the author, following the program will help dieters to “look fit and feel fabulous.” There is no official website for the book or the author at this time. However, Amazon and other online book retailers do offer the publishing in both hardcover and paperback form.

With no official website, judging the content in the book can be difficult. Customer reviews are the best source of information for people looking to start the 6 Weeks to Hollywood Body Plan.

Customers, in general, love the results they see from following the plan as outlined in the book. However, this is a fitness program and not a diet or eating plan. The work described in the book may require the advice of a medical professional.

List of Ingredients

6 Weeks to Hollywood Body book by Steve Zim.

Product Features

The book is broken into several workouts and dietary suggestions for men and women. For the first two weeks, men will all follow the same plan as will women. After that two weeks has passed, the author breaks the workouts up into body type specific routines. The three body types are ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

Ecto = tall, thin body

Endo = shorter, round body

Meso = lean, muscle based body

There are three types of workouts included in the book – upper, lower and abdominal sections. Details and photos make the exercises easy to understand. The only equipment needed for most workouts is a stability ball, chair or dumbbells which makes the investment slight at best.

The total cost for the book varies by online retailer, but the cheapest price founds was less than $14 US.

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  • Workouts are based on body type.
  • Gym memberships are not required.
  • Testimonials support results from workouts.
  • Meal plans are suggested with lower calorie dietary guidelines.


  • Working out with a book and illustrations can be difficult.
  • The dieter is forced to rely on their own will power to keep working out.
  • Dietary guidelines are a subset of the book.
  • There is no official website.
  • Return policies will vary based on retailer.


The 6 Weeks to Hollywood Body book may be a good investment for someone who wants to change up their fitness routine to see continued results. Someone new to dieting and working out, however, may find the plans a bit harder than they bargained for.

Dedication to a new diet plan can be difficult, let alone a fitness and exercise routine. There is no mention of a fat burner being used in the literature, though a proven one could increase the results dramatically.

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