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The reason some people find it hard to diet is that they don’t know what foods are healthy to eat. A proper diet includes well-balanced meals with enough calories to make it through the day and also provide energy. The 7 Day Diet is a diet plan that’s been circulating all over the Internet. Some people claim that they’ve lost 10 pounds in several days due to it. This immediately sends up warning signs as such a drastic weight loss in a short time is unhealthy and can cause problems that are far worse than a few extra pounds. A good diet is combined with exercise and possibly a thermogenic product to help burn fat.

List of Ingredients

The 7 Day Diet has several different foods that one version of the diet suggests including Bananas, apples, different types of vegetables, milk, tomatoes, potatoes, and rice. Also, it requires that a great deal of water be consumed. It’s good to drink a lot of fluids but we are reluctant to suggest following a diet that requires you only to eat a single type of food each day. For example, the first day requires that you only eat fruits and vegetables. No proteins, meats, bread, or anything else is allowed. The second day reduces that to just vegetables. This is not nutritious at all and could be lower in calories than is healthy.

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  • No money is required to follow this plan, except for the cost of the food itself. We do not agree with the concepts of this diet but at the very least it’s free.


  • The daily calorie counts could be too low. It’s advised that the average person eat 2000 calories per day and more if engaged in heavy activity. One day requires that all you eat is a single potato with butter and sprout soup. This likely would only add up to 500 calories, if that.
  • The daily nutrient intake is imbalanced.
  • No suggestion is made about exercise or any thermogenic supplements, which would aid in weight loss.
  • The promises of weight loss are too extreme to be believable.


Given the information we’ve found about the 7 Day Diet we would recommend that no one try this diet plan. It both deprives the user of a healthy calorie intake and leaves the body lacking in critical nutrients. Any weight loss incurred after this near-starvation would be regained in a binge eating episode.

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    just look up the sven day diet plan on google like i did and then copy and paste it onto word so when u need it u have it saved or just print out the page of the site.


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