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The 7 Day Energy Surge is a weight loss book by Jim Karas. The central theme of the book is feeling “on” every morning. Everyone has a day when everything seems to happen just the way it should. On these days, thought processes are clear, energy is optimal and dieters feel like they can tackle the world. It would be the perfect life to have one of these days every day and that is what the 7 Day Energy Surge book attempts to help the dieter do.

The book is available on Amazon.com for $17.16. This is an average price for a self-help book. Jim Karas is the author of Flip the Switch and The Cardio-Free Diet.

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Self-help book claiming to increase energy levels for good.

Product Features

What would a person give to have optimal energy levels all the time? According to Jim Karas, author of the 7 Day Energy Surge, all it takes is seven days and anyone can feel energized all the time. The tips in the book include exercising and breathing to increase energy naturally. These tips may work for some people, but the reviews are mixed. Some readers claim the information is nothing new, but the book is very well put together. The best section of the book, according to reviews, is the chapter on how to improve sex life.

The exercise program focuses on strength training and not cardio. Jim Karas does not believe in cardio exercise, but not all dieters can complete strength training due to previous injuries or current weight. Strength training is something dieters need to start slow, but there is no information as to the type of exercise or how much exercise is expected every day.

There is no mention of supplements or changes in eating habits to promote healthy energy. It is important for dieters to make lifestyle changes other than exercise and breathing to increase energy.

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  • May teach the dieter how to improve energy levels.
  • More energy means the dieter may want to workout more often.
  • The book is priced comparably to other books.


  • Exercise and breathing are not the only ways to increase energy.
  • Dieters may not have the equipment to workout with a strength training routine.
  • Cardio exercise is not supported by the author.


Losing weight is a multi-faceted journey. The dieter needs to make many life changes to gain energy and lose weight. If a reduced calorie diet is causing the dieter to feel sluggish, the tips in the 7 Day Energy Surge could help them feel a bit more energized until the body gets used to less food. We suggest choosing a healthy weight loss supplement with natural energy boosters.

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