7 Day Inner Cleanse Review

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7 Day Inner Cleanse Review

Verseo is the manufacturer of the 7 Day Inner Cleanse. Cleansing the colon is the main aim of the product which claims weight loss will occur as a result. While colon cleansing is not a traditional form of weight loss, the 7 Day Inner Cleanse may help to rid the body of toxins which hinder weight loss efforts.

While visiting Verseo’s main website, no complete list of ingredients can be found though there is mention of a few ingredients in each of the two supplements packaged as the 7 Day Inner Cleanse.

List of Ingredients

Daytime Detox: dandelion root, uva ursi leaf and milk thistle.

Nighttime Fiber: natural fiber sources.

Product Features

A quick look at the ingredients will reveal how weight is lost with the 7 Day Inner Cleanse. Daytime Detox includes two natural diuretics and milk thistle to calm the digestive and intestinal system. Nighttime Fiber has not specific listed ingredients, but the website eludes to the fact that natural fiber is used to push toxins out of the body.

Colon cleansing is a tricky thing when it comes to using other fat burners to stimulants to increase weight loss. Most often, a reduction in weight while taking products like the 7 Day Inner Cleanse is linked to water weight and laxative effect. This product does not seem to be any different.

One bottle retails for as much as $35 US. Multiple bottles come with a reduction in price by $15 US a bottle. Colon cleansing products are not suggested for long term use. Each bottle of 7 Day Inner Cleanse is supposed to last 7 days and includes 84 pills. That means taking 12 capsules every day while on the program. Some dieters may not like the fact that they need to keep taking multiple pills throughout the day and night.

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  • The official website offers ingredients.
  • Customer testimonials are available on the site.
  • Multiple bottle purchases are available at a discount.


  • 7 Day Inner Cleanse is a colon cleansing product.
  • Diuretic use is not safe for all dieters.
  • Extended periods of laxative use can lead to dependence.
  • Dieters must take 12 capsules every day.


There are plenty of natural colon cleansing products that do not employ the use of diuretics in their formula. Pushing water out of the body when water is needed for fiber to function properly in the body seems to be counterproductive. The supplement also costs a bit more than other fat burners and diet pills because the bottle only lasts one week. A month’s worth of the 7 Day Inner Cleanse would cost more than $100 US.

Laxatives and diuretics are not going to produce long term weight loss. Any water weight lost while taking the 7 Day Inner Cleanse will return once the supplement cycle is complete.

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