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What You Should Know

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The 7 Diet Day/Night Formula is a Japanese weight loss supplement that claims to be able to help you shed weight and change the way your body looks in just seven days. This is one of the 28 weight loss supplements on a list released by the FDA, warning against its use. As weight loss supplements are not governed by the FDA, it is a major deal when the agency steps forward and deems one dangerous. We are not reviewing this product to encourage its use, but rather to warn against it. If you are using this product, please discontinue its use right away. If you are considering using this product, please read this information before making your final decision.

List of Ingredients

The 7 Diet Day/Night Formula contains: tea polyphenols, rheum officinale Baill, lotus leaf, astrgalus membranaceus, poria and fructus crateagi. Sibutramine is also included in the formula, but is not listed on the product’s ingredient label.

Product Features

The 7 Diet Day/Night Formula does not mention on its labeling that it contains Sibutramine. This ingredient is known to cause heart attacks and strokes. The fact that the product hides ingredients, and contains such dangerous ingredients has led the FDA to issue a warning about the product. Though the instructions say to take two tablets a day, once with breakfast and once with dinner, you should not use this supplement at all. Instead, turn to a balanced diet, exercise, and a safe supplement to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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  • The 7 Diet Day/Night Formula has no advantages to speak of.


  • The 7 Diet Day/Night Formula has an FDA warning against it.
  • Using this product could produce very negative side effects.
  • A full ingredient list is not offered with this product.
  • This product will not produce long term weight loss results.


The 7 Diet Day/Night Formula is definitely not a product we recommend using. We certainly recommend shying away from any product that claims to be able to help you melt fat and change the way your body looks in just a week, but when the FDA comes in and deems a product dangerous enough to say you should not take it at all, we must say we agree. Chances are you will not be able to find this product anywhere, but because it is not illegal, it may be found online or in some stores, still. Instead of using a supplement like this one, we recommend you find one that has been clinically proven safe and effective, with fat burning and/or appetite suppressing ingredients. Combine the use of the safe supplement with a balanced diet and exercise routine for best results.

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    Thank you for the review of this. I’ve recently purchased them online in a struggle to lose weight fast and have taken 3 capsules in the last 3 days. However I was very hesitant as to whether I should or not due to not finding any real reviews online by people not trying to sell it. Or who haven’t done the research to see the FDA approved it back in 2005, only to see that now they have banned it last year (2012)! I don’t think I’ll be taking any more of them. Not worth risking my health and potentially my life over superficial exteriors. I may look into one of the suggestions above with my continued healthy eating! Thank you!