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The 7 Diet supplement is listed on an obscure website that sells supplements from all over the web. We found a complete ingredient list and a means of ordering the supplement, but we did not find any customer support, testimonials or a means of finding out if the ingredients had any clinical support. The only thing the company behind this supplement, which is not revealed either, has to offer the dieter is a claim of increased weight loss.

The ingredients in 7 Diet are typical of slimming formulas found in China and other parts of Asia. There is a huge problem with importers selling supplements with faulty ingredient lists, unclaimed ingredients and dangerous ingredients unbeknownst to the dieter.

List of Ingredients


  • Tea polyphenols
  • Rheum officinale baill
  • Lotus leaf
  • Astragaius Membranaceus bge
  • Poria
  • Fructus crataegi

Product Features

Tea polyphenols is another name for green tea extract or a form of tea extract. We like green tea and other teas as they often contain EGCG and caffeine. Both EGCG and caffeine will boost metabolism, based on clinical studies. Caffeine does so by increasing heart rate, but EGCG does not require stimulant to boost weight loss.

Rheum officinale baill is a natural laxative. This ingredient is used in alternative medicine when a patient has constipation. Rheum officinale baill is commonly found in teas not supplements.

Astragaius Membranaceus bge or astragalus extract as it is commonly called in the United States is thought to boost the immune system, which all dieters can use. It also has diuretic qualities, which is not ideal for weight loss. Combining a laxative and diuretic can cause severe side effects like potassium and sodium loss and electrolyte imbalance.

Fructus crataegi or hawthorn also has some diuretic abilities, but it is more commonly used to reduce blood pressure. If a dieter is already on blood pressure medications, this supplement may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure and negative side effects.

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  • The website selling the supplements also offered an ingredient list.
  • Contains green tea extract.


  • The ingredient list may not be complete.
  • Many of the ingredients are obscure.
  • May have diuretic properties.


We have reviewed thousands of supplements, but this ingredient list is one of the most obscure we’ve ever encountered. We’d like to tell the dieter that the ingredients are safe and effective, but that may not be the case. When we come in contact with a supplement that has ingredients without clinical studies or even a slight support system among dieters we raise the red flag.

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