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Many people look for diet pills and weight loss supplements in order to lose weight and feel better about themselves. They often don’t know where to look or how they should use the any information and products that they find. There are also people who go on a diet and workout regimen who need a supplement to help them burn fat and build muscle. The critical part of any type of weight loss or dieting effort are a proper balanced daily intake of calories, a good exercise plan that involves both cardiovascular work and strength training, and a supplement to help burn fat easily so that the muscle will be more defined. This is where 7 OH Lean, also called Lean Xtreme, comes into play.

List of Ingredients

7 OH Lean includes several types of ingredients, including green tea, which acts as a thermogenic and aids in weight loss. However, it contains caffeine, which causes the body to increase the amount of water expelled from the body like a diuretic. This can cause dehydration and when working out it’s best to keep as hydrated as possible. The ingredient that the product is named for, or 7 OH, is intended to keep too much cortisol from building up. Cortisol is the hormone that controls the distribution and formation of fat in the body, especially around the abdomen and it increases appetite.

Product Features

7 OH Lean is no longer in production.

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  • This product could possibly have some weight loss benefits. We aren’t sure if they are temporary or long-term.
  • People looking for a workout aid could try this product and it might be of help.


  • Green tea and other ingredients with caffeine are included. These can dehydrate the body and can be dangerous during a rough workout. It’s better to have a product that delivers weight loss in a slow steady manner that is coupled with a good diet.
  • There may not be enough of the critical ingredients to help lose weight effectively.
  • The website appears to be geared more to teenagers looking for a product to help them build muscle than for people looking to lose weight.


If you want a product that’s more about building muscle than losing weight this is a potential help. However, it’s not likely that it will have any serious weight loss benefits because of the caffeine. Someone looking 7 OH Lean can be assumed to already be on a workout regimen so help keep the weight off. Any lost weight must be kept off with a workout and a proper diet consisting of all four food groups and 2000 calories per day.

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