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There are many reasons why people find themselves struggling with weight issues. A poor lifestyle that’s high in fast foods, sedentary days, and very little activity, coupled with the stress that many people go through every day in their jobs and at home, cause them to gain weight. Also, they may not have the time or energy to devote to a diet. People trying to lose weight want some information about how to cause the body to burn fat. Sometimes the answer to fat burning is in hormones. The book 7 Principles of Fat Burning by Dr. Eric Berg addresses the various issues. We feel it should be noted that even with the information in the book weight cannot be lost healthily without diet, exercise, and a possible thermogenic supplement. There are many similar books on the market so we’ll review this book to see how informative it is.

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In 7 Principles of Fat Burning, Dr. Berg talks about how people can be split into four basic groups based on their mood, body type and other lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, job type, and sleep patterns. These all translate into four basic gland profiles that have different hormonal makeups. We could find very little information about the exact methods Dr. Berg suggest using to deal with these different profiles but it appears that he asserts there’s more to weight loss than simply eating less calories and exercising and that genetic makeup is a major player. Further, each body type relies on certain types of foods to increase the body’s metabolism.

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  • 7 Principles of Fat Burning says nothing about a set amount of weight that can be lost, which is good, because people won’t get discouraged and give up should they fail to meet a given goal.
  • The book stresses the importance of a healthy and balanced diet regardless of what type of endocrine or glandular makeup a person has.
  • There are plenty of user testimonials about the positive effect this book has had for people looking to lose weight and keep it off.


  • There is no refund policy from the official website, but people can buy the book for $17 on Amazon.
  • Nothing is mentioned about looking for a good thermogenic supplement which could potentially boost the fat burning process.


7 Principles of Fat Burning isn’t a mainstream diet and this could be potentially good. It’s a different approach from what we’re familiar with and the book appears to offer good advice. We would like it more if there were workout suggestions and recommendations for a thermogenic supplement.

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    Julie Villanueva

    I’ve been on the diet for 6 days. My skin was itchy before and still is..will it get better. I drink the juice 3x’s a day. Take rawfood supplements 15 per day and eat only veggies and eggs and minimal protein. The itch is making me crazy! Any suggestions.