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63 Weight Loss Tips: How to Lose More Weight Now

There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but here is a list of 63 that are most likely to work as the basis of a personalized weight loss plan.

Moderate Difficulty

Step 1:

Figure out how many calories you can consume and lose weight.

Step 2:

Hang the total calorie goal for the day up.

Step 3:

Figure out the perfect weight for your height and age.

Step 4:

Keep a journal with all food and drink consumed.

Step 5:

Choose a phone, PDA or computer to make the food journal easier.

Step 6:

Buy yourself a high end journal to make it easier to keep track of intake.

Step 7:

Make a common list of the total calories per serving of snacks you love.

Step 8:

Consume at least 8 servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

Step 9:

Pick foods for your diet that will speed metabolism up.

Step 10:

Change out simple carbs with complex carbs.

Step 11:

Take out all foods in your diet that are high fat.

Step 12:

Increase water intake to 64 ounces per day.

Step 13:

Add lemon or lime to water to increase palatability.

Step 14:

Prepare a pitcher of water every night and refrigerate.

Step 15:

Consume whole grains every day; six servings.

Step 16:

Consume only nine ounces of meat per day.

Step 17:

Eat more lean fish every week.

Step 18:

Do not consume more than 2300 mg of sodium.

Step 19:

Buy foods for your diet and none others.

Step 20:

Choose healthy snacks and only buy those.

Step 21:

Keep rice cakes on hand as healthy snacks.

Step 22:

Choose healthier foods when eating at a restaurant.

Step 23:

Order one meal at a restaurant for two people.

Step 24:

Ask for a healthier menu or healthier cooking methods at a restaurant.

Step 25:

Drink water when eating out.

Step 26:

Ask for a miniature dessert.

Step 27:

Before heading out to a restaurant, look into the menu and calorie totals.

Step 28:

Eat four times a day with three or four hours between.

Step 29:

Start an exercise program and progress slowly.

Step 30:

Exercise two to three times a week for 20 minutes.

Step 31:

Choose an exercise you love.

Step 32:

Increase workout times and intensity over time.

Step 33:

Add in some weight training.

Step 34:

Look into hiring a personal trainer.

Step 35:

Find a partner to exercise with.

Step 36:

Change the exercise program every 12 weeks.

Step 37:

Keep exercise about heart rate and form.

Step 38:

Find the zone for your target heart rate.

Step 39:

Buy a gym membership or fitness equipment for home.

Step 40:

Set weight loss goals you can achieve.

Step 41:

Aim to lose no more than two pounds per week.

Step 42:

Look at the long term. Two pounds a week is 104 pounds a year.

Step 43:

Give yourself something back for meeting short term goals.

Step 44:

Set a celebration date for the first five pounds.

Step 45:

Set celebration dates along the way with increasing levels of fun.

Step 46:

Plan a huge party for the day you reach your weight loss goal.

Step 47:

Enter into a competition for weight loss.

Step 48:

Save money for each pound lost then spend it on yourself.

Step 49:

Choose a shopping excursion as a celebration.

Step 50:

Set exercise goals with challenges attached; such as a marathon.

Step 51:

Use the challenge as a visualization tool to keep exercising.

Step 52:

Notice emotional eating.

Step 53:

Get counseling if emotional eating is a problem.

Step 54:

Choose vacations that center on exercise and outdoor activity.

Step 55:

Watch fewer hours of television.

Step 56:

Add activity into everyday life.

Step 57:

Buy a pedometer and use it to track steps.

Step 58:

Use stairs instead of elevators.

Step 59:

Park at the farthest parking spot when shopping.

Step 60:

Walk more than you drive even if it seems too far to walk, sometimes.

Step 61:

Make sedentary things more active.

Step 62:

Think about walking to work instead of driving.

Step 63:

Every time you talk, walk. Especially when using the phone.

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